Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Top Ten Spiritual Truths About John Lennon


1.     He isn’t dead. While John may have been slain the night of December 8, 1980, and his body put to rest away from this earthly realm, his spirit lives on brilliantly. Many have claimed to have been contacted by him via intuition for messages that affect not only their personal lives but that of current society as well. He has also manifested (many, many times) in a visual way—not ghostly but “spiritually.” His favorite forms to visit come through clouds, birds, synchronicities, etc.

2.     He is still evolving. The truth is, though we may have all been told that we go to Heaven or Hell once we die, our eternal life isn’t such a black and white existence. Once our physical body is gone, our soul/spirit lives on in an energetic way, and just as we grew and learned on earth, we still do on the other side. In fact, our soul keeps expanding in order to survive. Much like a black hole, soul stagnation is death. The real death. So, John keeps expanding and learning, one reason he doesn't wish to be brought down to any darkness or karma of his past life. 

3.     He had many, many lives before being born into the sometimes painful, many times fantastic Beatle existence. He was a pharaoh (scarab on the heart . . . scarab=beetle . . . eternal life and love), a prophet, a minstrel, a painter, a knight . . . and more. Usually with an incredibly concentrated yet simplistic message, and always a rebel against society. His rebellious nature has helped others learn autonomy and attain soul growth. His biggest message was of non-attachment to material objects, to believe in the unknown yet live for NOW, and to love one another. It all came to a great pinnacle as John Lennon where he became a Romeo to many female (and male) fans who then went on to impact the world with their own non-war messages. He couldn’t have affected this change without romantically impacting so many. His message went straight into the heart and evolved there in many ways through each willing recipient.

4.     Though he has personal attachments to family, friends, he also works as an ascended master to many on the spiritual path. He comes though light with a high message of peace. These people are meant to help carry his message, which is universal. John is a Starseed and travels far and wide. He and others have no desire for people on earth to destroy the rest of the galaxy with pollution, hate, greed, and ego. We are all connected, that's his biggest message. We're all one. 

5.     He has written many songs through known and unknown musicians. He finds this medium to be the most relevant and effective as music goes straight into the heart center. One of the most famous tunes he wrote from the other side was “Karma Police” with Thom Yorke of the band Radiohead, who ironically (or not ironically) signed with Parlophone, the same label The Beatles used when they signed with George Martin at EMI. Nothing is a coincidence. 

6.     John was psychic in his life and though he tried telling people about his weird experiences, they often tucked it off as crazy or drug-related. He had keen intuition and insight into people’s psyche, yet often he brushed it off in an unwillingness to pre-judge as he’d been judged in his own life. In other words, he shut off his gift in order to be nice, but it often hurt him in the end. He did sense something was off with the young man who shot him but he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He says it didn’t have to be his fate to die that night in December, but being codependent led him to a place of surrender. And once he was on the other side, he saw that had he lived he would have had to make a lot of choices that would hurt others yet benefitted him. He would have chosen to stay and deal with this, but it also meant denying the world a huge lesson about non-violence. His murder touched so many and taught them to abhor violence in every way. It made them want to find outlets to deal with war and all conflict on a more coexistent level. From the vantage of spirit, he saw that they needed this transformation through his passing and that the effect and message would be diluted had he lived. Another factor is he might have lived as a non-verbal, paraplegic dependent on others to care for him. More codependency, and very, very difficult to break out of. That lesson was passed onto Christopher Reeves who used it in a way that was more relevant and touching on a soul level. John's message was about Peace.

7.      His mother Julia, who was killed by a drunk, off-duty police officer, met him on the other side almost instantly, and it was pure bliss to see her again. Their reunion made him want to stay in Heaven, though he did think about those he would be leaving on earth. It was a hard choice, but in the end he took the route that would provide the biggest lesson to humanity—non-violence. Staying on earth might not provide such an extreme emotional reaction to a public figure's death. It was almost the completion of a cycle which had started with JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. John Lennon was part of the circle of beloved figures who touched people on a deep, personal level. 

8.     He doesn’t advocate drugs from the other side, nor does he judge those who them. LSD opened him to his true self and helped others do the same, so he does not regret using it or any other drugs, though heroin was quite awful, and he would not choose to imbibe in that again. But he does see now that there are many ways we can tune in and come together naturally—one being meditation, the other is mindfulness. Nature as well is very healing, and he wants us to find peace and bliss there. Music too, is like a beautiful salve for us to escape and connect on a deeper level. The effect drugs give is transitory, and the problem is you have to keep using them to attain that same bliss or high. Eventually it backfires and you are the opposite: low. The energy of spirit (and love) is high. You don’t want to continually dilute a true high with drugs. Plus, it takes you away from your problems and the pure connection you have with those you love here on earth. Again, no judgement. But meditation, music and mindfulness are much better and more effective overall.

9.     He loves that he was in The Beatles, though it ‘got hairy’ at times and he felt like a caged animal amidst all the fame, false expectations and toxic glory. But what they accomplished on an artistic, societal and heart level was remarkable. He still loves his bandmates and cheers them on. They know when he’s around and recognize all the things he does to send them love and encouragement. Yes, he visits and gives lyrics and melodies and love. They know. We were brothers, he says. And we bloody always will be.

10.  More than anything, he wants us to learn how to maintain peace on the planet. If you think of him in any way, think of peace and love. They aren’t dirty words—they’re gold. They mean everything, and now more than ever these values are needed. You want a good society? Love each other. You want clean air? Love each other. You want no more war? Love each other. It’s real simple, folks. That’s all you gotta do. Just love each other—doing so keeps me alive.

John is alive in all of us. It sounds presumptuous, but it’s true. Laugh, have fun, make love, work, dance, sing, play rock n roll, and create peace. That’s all you gotta do to honor my name and keep me around.

Pictures I've taken of John in spirit.

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