Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Top Ten Spiritual Truths About John Lennon


1.     He isn’t dead. While John may have been slain the night of December 8, 1980, and his body put to rest away from this earthly realm, his spirit lives on brilliantly. Many have claimed to have been contacted by him via intuition for messages that affect not only their personal lives but that of current society as well. He has also manifested (many, many times) in a visual way—not ghostly but “spiritually.” His favorite forms to visit come through clouds, birds, synchronicities, etc.

2.     He is still evolving. The truth is, though we may have all been told that we go to Heaven or Hell once we die, our eternal life isn’t such a black and white existence. Once our physical body is gone, our soul/spirit lives on in an energetic way, and just as we grew and learned on earth, we still do on the other side. In fact, our soul keeps expanding in order to survive. Much like a black hole, soul stagnation is death. The real death. So, John keeps expanding and learning, one reason he doesn't wish to be brought down to any darkness or karma of his past life. 

3.     He had many, many lives before being born into the sometimes painful, many times fantastic Beatle existence. He was a pharaoh (scarab on the heart . . . scarab=beetle . . . eternal life and love), a prophet, a minstrel, a painter, a knight . . . and more. Usually with an incredibly concentrated yet simplistic message, and always a rebel against society. His rebellious nature has helped others learn autonomy and attain soul growth. His biggest message was of non-attachment to material objects, to believe in the unknown yet live for NOW, and to love one another. It all came to a great pinnacle as John Lennon where he became a Romeo to many female (and male) fans who then went on to impact the world with their own non-war messages. He couldn’t have affected this change without romantically impacting so many. His message went straight into the heart and evolved there in many ways through each willing recipient.

4.     Though he has personal attachments to family, friends, he also works as an ascended master to many on the spiritual path. He comes though light with a high message of peace. These people are meant to help carry his message, which is universal. John is a Starseed and travels far and wide. He and others have no desire for people on earth to destroy the rest of the galaxy with pollution, hate, greed, and ego. We are all connected, that's his biggest message. We're all one. 

5.     He has written many songs through known and unknown musicians. He finds this medium to be the most relevant and effective as music goes straight into the heart center. One of the most famous tunes he wrote from the other side was “Karma Police” with Thom Yorke of the band Radiohead, who ironically (or not ironically) signed with Parlophone, the same label The Beatles used when they signed with George Martin at EMI. Nothing is a coincidence. 

6.     John was psychic in his life and though he tried telling people about his weird experiences, they often tucked it off as crazy or drug-related. He had keen intuition and insight into people’s psyche, yet often he brushed it off in an unwillingness to pre-judge as he’d been judged in his own life. In other words, he shut off his gift in order to be nice, but it often hurt him in the end. He did sense something was off with the young man who shot him but he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He says it didn’t have to be his fate to die that night in December, but being codependent led him to a place of surrender. And once he was on the other side, he saw that had he lived he would have had to make a lot of choices that would hurt others yet benefitted him. He would have chosen to stay and deal with this, but it also meant denying the world a huge lesson about non-violence. His murder touched so many and taught them to abhor violence in every way. It made them want to find outlets to deal with war and all conflict on a more coexistent level. From the vantage of spirit, he saw that they needed this transformation through his passing and that the effect and message would be diluted had he lived. Another factor is he might have lived as a non-verbal, paraplegic dependent on others to care for him. More codependency, and very, very difficult to break out of. That lesson was passed onto Christopher Reeves who used it in a way that was more relevant and touching on a soul level. John's message was about Peace.

7.      His mother Julia, who was killed by a drunk, off-duty police officer, met him on the other side almost instantly, and it was pure bliss to see her again. Their reunion made him want to stay in Heaven, though he did think about those he would be leaving on earth. It was a hard choice, but in the end he took the route that would provide the biggest lesson to humanity—non-violence. Staying on earth might not provide such an extreme emotional reaction to a public figure's death. It was almost the completion of a cycle which had started with JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. John Lennon was part of the circle of beloved figures who touched people on a deep, personal level. 

8.     He doesn’t advocate drugs from the other side, nor does he judge those who them. LSD opened him to his true self and helped others do the same, so he does not regret using it or any other drugs, though heroin was quite awful, and he would not choose to imbibe in that again. But he does see now that there are many ways we can tune in and come together naturally—one being meditation, the other is mindfulness. Nature as well is very healing, and he wants us to find peace and bliss there. Music too, is like a beautiful salve for us to escape and connect on a deeper level. The effect drugs give is transitory, and the problem is you have to keep using them to attain that same bliss or high. Eventually it backfires and you are the opposite: low. The energy of spirit (and love) is high. You don’t want to continually dilute a true high with drugs. Plus, it takes you away from your problems and the pure connection you have with those you love here on earth. Again, no judgement. But meditation, music and mindfulness are much better and more effective overall.

9.     He loves that he was in The Beatles, though it ‘got hairy’ at times and he felt like a caged animal amidst all the fame, false expectations and toxic glory. But what they accomplished on an artistic, societal and heart level was remarkable. He still loves his bandmates and cheers them on. They know when he’s around and recognize all the things he does to send them love and encouragement. Yes, he visits and gives lyrics and melodies and love. They know. We were brothers, he says. And we bloody always will be.

10.  More than anything, he wants us to learn how to maintain peace on the planet. If you think of him in any way, think of peace and love. They aren’t dirty words—they’re gold. They mean everything, and now more than ever these values are needed. You want a good society? Love each other. You want clean air? Love each other. You want no more war? Love each other. It’s real simple, folks. That’s all you gotta do. Just love each other—doing so keeps me alive.

John is alive in all of us. It sounds presumptuous, but it’s true. Laugh, have fun, make love, work, dance, sing, play rock n roll, and create peace. That’s all you gotta do to honor my name and keep me around.

Pictures I've taken of John in spirit.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Oh my, Musk

Musk says he's going bankrupt with tw*tter, and honestly, it's not a surprise but we're talking 44 billion. Do you know how many homeless, hungry, sick could have been helped with that money? Or how about puppies for kids? Parades for veterans (Happy Veteran's Day, btw) or maybe a spa day for cancer patients?

That has to be the fastest money bleed known in history. And why? Why . . .

Well, you know how I feel. I think the whole thing went down right before the Midterms on purpose and now that they're over, well, he doesn't need tw*tter anymore. Poof. He's done.

He probably thought he'd have fun with the $8 blowhard blue check scheme only to watch it explode like an entire fireworks display on the 4th. People were buying the blue checks with false accounts then spoofing high profilers who had earned their checks previously. Like I said, the star-bellied Sneeches didn't know whose belly had stars from the start. Total romper room chaos, and he is the babysitter. 

Pretty sure he's out of here and going back to Starlink because . . . he's selling Tesla stock too. Hmm. 

Look, I don't mean to get on the guy every darn day, but let's face it, he does some fairly SUS shite and I don't like it (or him) at all. He didn't even invent Tesla. That was another one of his purchases. 

What do you think of,  um, M*sk? Be nice and don't cuss too much. 

*these are only my opinions and not fact. the above is for entertainments purposes only*

Thursday, November 10, 2022

It's all good


Many are sad here in the US that we did not have a blue wave or that the Robert Kennedy-ish Beto O'Rourke and amazing, strong Stacey Abrams did not win their states, however I think what we are seeing is actually really, really good (though I am truly let down they did not win). Tr*mp's picks, which toured the land with Q music and all sorts of strange antics like blood-red lighting and crazy fireworks, LOST. Now he is the uncool kid at school--everyone is calling him out and telling him not to run in 2024. He's lost his power. He's bellbottoms in 1985. Even if a few of his picks get in, they will turn from his influence and go to the winning side. And as for us blue folk, we gained seats and also have independent newbies who will be allies. That's a huge relief. So, I am not crying, I'm actually super thrilled about these events and what they mean not only for democracy but for certain document stealing ex-presidents to be held accountable at long last. 

It's like, you can cry over not getting a white cake with yellow flowers, but what's the use if it's a yellow cake with white flowers? You still have cake. It's still good. 

Let's enjoy the cake and not shed any tears. Things look good.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Musk we?


As soon as Elon M*sk began saying he'd buy twitter I logged off. Then when it looked like he wouldn't be able to, I came back. That meant losing my list of followers and having to start all over again. But I don't breathe the same air as fascists or use the same social media. It was easy to see what the outcome would be if he bought the app--and indeed my fears were correct: I saw Musk allowing hate speech (not free speech) to take over. From what I've heard it happened instantly. 

Here's what gets me, and I've probably written this exact same thing but bear with me, WHO allowed him to buy Twitter, WHO gave him the money, WHY was he allowed to do it? My guesses: money-hungry losers, R*ssia/S*udi/Ch*na, money. 

Musk was on my radar back before P*tin invaded Ukraine. I saw that he was about to do something and began alerting everyone, but no one listened. When he offered Ukraine the use of his Starlink satellites, I got a bad feeling and went on *twitter* saying, "DON'T USE STARLINK--if you do it will find your location and P*tin will use this information." Indeed, time after time groups of people inside apartment buildings, hospitals and schools were blown up. Now, did Musk know this? Or was he/is he being used by nefarious forces? His track record of abuse and bullish ways tells me that doesn't matter--what matters is he isn't to be trusted. 

Disclaimer--the above was my intuitive opinion. 

When he admitted he works with R*ssia and got in trouble for it, he backtracked and went on a new revenge to buy Twitter. And it happened. Then he lets antisemitic K*nye back on (who started a GOFUNDME to get his 1 billion status back--good luck). M*sk doesn't really care about twitter, or you or me. He wants money and control. He doesn't like the word no and will do stupid, foolish things out of revenge. He's a tool for the GOP. Twitter will go down the sink and all that money too.

The White House and President Biden used Twitter and that's where I see this all as an act of war against Democracy right before the midterms, just like DeJoy was used (and is still being used) to slow down the post office. Wouldn't want those darn paper ballots to get counted in time--but guess what? All ballots are paper ballots. Duh. People, if you are mailing or dropping one off at a box write the date in bold letters on the envelope. Check your voting location. Be wise. Every vote counts-- especially yours.

They are saying the red meanies are ahead--but that's because they polled Betty in the middle of nowhere MIDWEST, USA. Betty answered he landline because she thought it was Paula calling about the church dinner. The polls aren't accurate, but the massive number of pre-ballots are. Still, vote. 

What if it does come down to a 100 vote difference for your candidate? That means you truly do make a difference. Andy Warhol said every person has five minutes of fame, well, maybe this is yours. Get out there and do it. 

Lastly, they are saying things like, "Tiffany doesn't care about abortion rights, she cares about how expensive everything is!" Wrong. Tiffany cares about herself, her mother, her sister, her daughter, her neighbor, etc. And despite what Tiffany has told you, she's going to vote the way she feels. She's voting for women in America. Don't f*ck with Tiffany. Get out of the way and let her vote.

People have died in wars so we can vote. Never forget that. 

Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Beatles in India


Last night I watched the documentary The Beatles and India which describes the band’s time with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that stretched from the London Hilton Hotel to a retreat in Wales and then across to India. A string of other well-known figures in England and beyond were part of the entourage of seekers who followed along, but The Beatles clearly were used to advertise and confirm the Maharishi's burgeoning influence as well as the transcendental movement as a whole. The film is well done, highlighting a specific event that changed each member of The Beatles forever.  

Not a lot has been known about that time as much of it steeped in the mystical experiment which was to be kept sacred, but the film does a good job of not only providing details of what the Maharishi thought of each Beatle, but where they slept and meditated, as well as moments that provided songs in the conclusive ‘While Album,’ which we all know was heavily influenced by events of that time. We also get a soundbite from an unearthed interview with George Harrison where he explains the frustrations of being famous when all he wanted to do was travel and blend in like any human. He was on a spiritual journey and wanted no part of the press ruining for him. 

Sadly, in a short span of time The Beatles went from child-like devotion to bitter rebellion with the TM movement, and well, the Maharishi. To be fair to him, he gave them a gift they desperately needed—a way to break from addictions—including toxic people and situations. They were heavily into LSD and some members had begun to dabble in heroin, so meeting the Maharishi was a healthy alternative. TM in general is meant to teach self-dependence, to go within without seeking outside authority.  In a few years’ time, the music scene would lose both Hendrix and Joplin to drugs, and you can only guess Lennon would have followed suit . . . if not for TM and the Maharishi. Think of it, the world would have never heard “Imagine.”

The Maharishi himself, a childlike joyous creature, was human and people forget that. He had a test as we all do at some point in our human existence, and he failed momentarily. It would be hard to be around the brightest and all that fame, and not fail at least a little. Yet it is said that he provided them with a great tool—to elevate and go within. To deal with life on a simple basis. To be organic and clean, and vulnerable. That’s a beautiful gift. As far as I know, the Maharishi went on to serve many in the same humble way, without failure. Did he proposition Prudence Farrow (Dear Prudence) or was it all a lie? Without a yes or no, because none of us where there and the movie does not provide an answer, I think it’s fair to say that anyone who followed the Maharishi to India was there for some-thing. Was he unethical? Certainly not on the level of a Jim Jones—which is how many psychopathic cults end up. I don’t think he was anything near that level of cult. It was a movement and a teachable era. It was healthy for The Beatles to be part of it, and also to end their association. If TM teaches you anything, it should be how to think for yourself.

I loved how The Beatles and India showed how much they learned and how the process affected many. Sadly, manager Brian Epstein died within that process, but the experience can still be felt. Two vignettes in particular which I find touching: John going up in a helicopter with the Maharishi (hoping to get “the answer”) and being shown that the people in the valley would wish for them to crash because they were poor and someone like John crashing into their world would equate a falling star coming to earth. John said to the Maharishi, “If you don’t move your ass on the seat, their prayers will be answered.” Typical John. Another time, a young woman was shivering inside the group during a nighttime gathering and sweet George offered to share his shawl to keep her warm. She expressed great sorrow in having said no to him. What could have been?

We all know the events, but we do not know the fine details. The Beatles and India does a good job at providing the answer.

If you are a die-hard Beatles fan or even a lukewarm lover of the band, give it a watch. It's well done and shows an important part of rock and roll history.


November 8th


In just a few days we vote in America, and though the thought of permanent fascism being part of our landscape I'm more than ready to end the endless run of political ads and chaotic fodder which has spread worse than a virus. In Kansas we voted to preserve a woman's right to choose and I suspect that will end if the wrong candidate wins next week, yet honestly I can't see this happening--Democracy has a bigger chance of winning because it is the thread of this country and always will be. You'd have to call us the UNunited States, the Fascist States, or worse, Tr*mp Nation. Yikes. I don't care if you like him, but this is a democracy fought and won from King George. No more tyranny, thank you very much. Land of the free and all that . . .

The worst part of this election cycle is the deniers--those running for office who have already claimed "they won." Like a sore loser at a baseball game, "I'm going to win!" Well, catch the ball then. Do something to win. Show us what you're capable of, how you'll serve and then hold tight to those promises. I remember playing baseball one summer season and I was terrible, horrible. the worst. That's what made the one time I hit a ball to third base so fantastic. People congratulated me, cheered, patted me on the shoulder--the memory is happily frozen in my mind for eternity because I earned that applause. I knew that most of my time in the game was low level stuff and so that one Victory was well enjoyed. My ineptness was real, and a reality. How do you win if you can't or won't play? These candidates who won't debate, won't say how they'll represent ALL THE PEOPLE, won't show signs of being able to work with others, and worst of all who won't concede . . . should they be running? I say no. It's tiring. Let the best man or woman win, if they'll WIN. Lose if you lose. And if you do lose, you concede and let us move on. 

Unfortunately, we are bound to spend the next month or so with back-and-forth results, lawsuits, and headaches of the political kind. I can't stand the thought, but this is a game after all. Freedom is hard fought and preserved. At the moment we have armed men at voting stations, threating and intimidating, and on the news they paint a doomsday picture of loss. It's all done to make us apathetic. No. GO OUT AND VOTE.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Every single one.

This is your ballgame and you can win, but you have to play.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Book anniversary

It was ten years ago that my first book "The Soul Seekers" came out with Wido publishing. I was very lucky to have them take me on--the whole process of writing, editing and publishing was amazing. They made my dream my dream come true! 'The Soul Seekers" came from a childhood of practically living inside a library--my mother ran one in our small town situated on a Main Street a lot like the one in the Andy Griffith Show. The kind of Main Street you sped through too fast and never thought about again. Personally those are my favorite towns, so of course I wanted to write the book in a similar setting in a similar feel of empty space and stories untold. The book was also born of a strange fascination with ghosts and all things spirit. At the time everyone was talking about Twilight, but I wanted to write about a girl who could see ghosts, not vampires.

What I didn't know was that the story would turn into a spyglass of today's current political division. 

The Soul Seekers was comprised of a sect of men who controlled a small town in Indiana called Springvale. These men ruled everything, including a young man with a soul so powerful they tried to steal it. Something went wrong in the ceremony, yet somehow he survived but was left invisible to the rest of the world. A veritable ghost stuck in a library--the only place he felt safe. In their prim suits and black horn-rimmed glasses, The Soul Seekers intended to claim the rest of his soul so they could defeat their own mortality. But they didn't just want his soul--they wanted everyone else's. I wanted to show how easily it was to watch the people of Springvale turn into veritable zombies under the rule of these men, including the main character's own mother, and the only thing which could save her or anyone else from the perversion, the cult, was an inner knowing of what humanity and decency looks and feels like, to understand LOVE and to be rebellious against indoctrination. 

People wondered why I wrote a silly, teenage paranormal romance, but I didn't. I wrote much more than that. 

There were things that happened to me while writing "The Soul Seekers" I still can't explain. Like the time I went to the store and a group of men JUST LIKE THE MEN IN THE BOOK came up to me and then left with no words spoken. Talk about manifestation. It was spooky . . . but also a great confirmation that I was on the right track. The universe was sending me signs to show I was in alignment. 

I'll always love "The Soul Seekers" in that sparkly, teenage Amy part of me that can never fade. If you haven't read it, or the following two books, "The Love Seekers" and "The Time Seekers," please give them a chance. If only for the fun of it. Because that's what reading should be!

Thanks for reading and much love. 

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Trump 2020


                                    Let’s build 

a wall



Around you

Around me

Around us

Around this

God bless the White House

For Witch Hunt

it stains

Ring around the Rosie

Pocket full of Hate

No gate

Too late.




Oh say can you see . . .

pencil-neck, horseface, crazy, lyin, cheatin, Dem-oh-RAT?

I heart Mexico.

But God Bless ‘merica






And do it do it do it

Do it

Do it

Do it.

I gotta keep











I’m sorry.


are you


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

No, no . . . not Van Gogh

I'm sure you've all heard of the protestors who threw soup on a Van Gogh. So much controversy and conversation, and I'm no different. My instant reaction was anger, upset, revulsion. Spoiled brats, etc. I didn't think anything of their hair dye or the fact that they had to fly or take a train to get to the museum, no, I just didn't like the idea of people throwing soup on a beautiful piece of art. Then you have supporters who think pro-art people like me are stupid. I said, hey, if I throw soup on a painting right now will it help change your mind? That really made them mad. But here's the thing: I'm not right, and they're not either. None of us are right. And it's not even about the art. I think people want to be heard--the earth most of all. 

I do get why the protestors did it. And I know they had good intentions. The method could be better, but point taken it made us all talk about doing things that are more eco-friendly. Should we all start defacing art and music and anything that is dear and precious and beautiful? No. Certainly not. But we can and should do better. The problem is the people who have the money and power aren't listening. They need to listen. We need to start changing how we do things.

During the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home and the roads and sky were practically void of traffic, Mother Nature did a quick turnaround. It was astounding. So why don't we utilize those methods again where people worked at home and students took on-line classes? I never understood why we forced everyone to go back so soon . . . you have to admit, something was working.

But the thing about the art, sunflowers. That image which Van Gogh painted from the depths of his miserable, depressed, suicidal soul. . . it brought light and hope to himself and others. It makes me think of dear Ukraine. This is why I think I reacted so strongly at first--sunflowers represent their have valiant fight against evil P*tin. 

Yet at the end of the day we can't keep having rash, angry outbursts to make a point. We need to work it out. In the 90s there were tons of those stupid talk shows where people ranted against each other for one issue or the other, but point being, they worked it out. Maybe we should start doing that again and stop with all the crazy online banter. 

Also, if everyone did peaceful things like enjoy the earth, paint sunflowers, visit museums . . . maybe things would be better. 

But you know what bothers me those most? Why didn't they pick a Warhol? That would have made much more sense.