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Splash (or Splutter?)

I've been watching this new reality show called Splash about a group of celebrity contestants who learn how to dive and, week after week, compete against each other in order to win a final title of, what, best diver who's still alive? Not sure, but it's a horrible show. And I can't stop watching.

Each week these poor contestants come out in sparkly ill-fitted bathing suits to an assemblage of blood-thirsty spectators amid flashing lights and stunt divers. Sequins are flying everywhere; it's a den of fools. The producers show us how practice went that week, via film clip. Usually the celebrity is mumbling they can't, they can't and when you see their poor arm-flopping attempts you say to yourself, "They're right. They can't. And they shouldn't." But coach Greg Louganis, former head-busting Olympic medalist, urges them to reach past their fears and try something new. One person breaks an ear drum, another is too heavy to get out of the p…

Feline Takeover

Every morning Grape the cat tries to steal my office chair. I have a fleece blanket draped over the seat, so that may be her draw, but anyway, it has become her mission in life to get this chair away from me. I'll tell you how the sneaky little thing does it.

She waits for me to sit down with my coffee and snack, like a gingerbread cookie or something, and then saunters into the room. She stops, looks at me and lifts a paw to lick—as if she hasn't really noticed me, or if she has, it isn't much to ponder on. After cleaning her paw for a moment, she makes a running leap to the computer desk. Back and forth she walks, under my nose, letting me pet her along the back. If I pet her too little, she gets annoyed. If I pet her too much, she stops and nibbles on my hand. Either way, I usually get a nibble. "Hey!" I yell, scooting back. "No biting!" Grape peers at me with mock surprise. Did I bite you? Oh, I did. Try and pet me again. BITE. "Hey!" You…


A few months ago I started submitting a young adult contemporary, a book loosely based on my freshman year of high school. It was a very awkward time in my life, and I always knew I'd find a way to encapsulate it in some artistic form. I chose the sarcastic, buck-toothed Joni Weaver whose mom is an online poker-playing social dropout, and dad is an alchy running the local movie theater across town. I'm very proud of the book. It's not perfect, it's not a great piece of literary fiction. But it has its moments. Out of nine query letters sent out, I had four very reputable agents ask for the manuscript. Two have declined, and two are still reading.

It takes a lot of patience to be a writer.

It also takes a lot of determination, acceptance of failure, self-motivation, and perseverance.

I know that I am meant to do three things in my life: music, writing, and motherhood. Maybe throw art in there too, but I am most passionate about the others. Music is my soul. I've alw…

A tip for those with writer's block

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If you have ever experienced writer's block, then you know it is a real condition. I get so frustrated me when I hear people say that it isn't real, because I'll bet you ten to one they have never experienced it themselves.Writer's block is like being stuck in a dry well hoping for water, wanting water, waking up every day ready to see a full well, but getting nothing. When someone makes the statement that, "Writer's block isn't real," I want to say, "How do you know, if you've never experience it?" 
I do think it can be avoided as well as helped. But first let's look at some of the causes of writer's block. Stress. Family issues. Financial issues. Emotional issues such as depression. Many times, these are combined into one, or are causes of each other. Whatever it is, once it gets going, it's hard to escape. So, you have to learn how not to let life interrupt your writing schedule.