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My Friend

One of my best friends in seventh grade was Jeremiah Washington. His family moved to our small town the summer before and although I wasn't too sure of his loony antics I soon warmed up because of one thing: he knew how to make me laugh. Every day at lunch we'd sit together and in between bites of PB&J I'd watch him talk with his hands. "What do you think of that?" "I think it's stupid." "What, stupid like this school?" "You didn't say that." "Oh yes I did, you fool." People would make fun of him, call him crazy, because he talked with his hands. To me, he was a puppeteer without the puppet. He didn't care. He kept right on doing it. I really liked that about Jeremiah. His skin was a double fudge brownie, and his hair short and tight against his head. His smile was big and could eclipse those times when I thought he might be sad. Jeremiah was beautiful, and a genius, it's a fact.
While traversing up our…

I knew you were going to say that

Today the predicted release date for The Love Seekers has been revealed: Winter 2016. Yay! So, a while to wait, but I actually love the timing. Since the book spends a good portion in the snowy landscape of Aspen, a winter release has just the right feel. By the way, my poor editor has been suffering migraines and consequently the book has been switched to another, and equally talented, set of eyes. It's a bit tricky, but I know all will be well. More than anything I wish Summer a speedy recovery and happier days ahead.

I've come to realize that there's a bit of intuitive trickery going on with my writing. Kind of knew it with the first book, but now I truly understand the depth of just how much I borrow from an 'out there' vein of creative substance. It's funny considering the third book deals with Emma's psychic ability and how she comes to accept and own it, yet I had no idea the theme would play so strongly in the story line as Love was going to be my …

Green-Eyed Jealousy (the artistic kind)

Okay, I admit it: I get jealous sometimes. Not in relationships, not with money, but with creative things. Madly jealous. It started in seventh grade when I noticed a 'friend' had better art skills than me. This feeling built in my gut like I wanted to push her off a cliff and watch vultures rip her fingers off. I've kind of sort of gotten over this, but not completely. There's this new movie coming out called The Age of Adalineabout a young woman who receives the fountain of youth from a horrible car wreck (cleverly mixed with a bolt of lighting), and it's got me feeling a bit uneasy. Cool stuff and I should have thought of it! Back five years ago when that whole time travel, non-ending life thing was going around, I did try to come up with something similar, but was fully steeped in Seekers mode. Except, oh yeah, wait, that's totally what I was doing. The Soul Seekers and The Time Seekers are all about time and history and a young woman stuck in the middle of…

Hard work, or hardly working?

"Double-Rainbow" by User:LeonardoWeiss - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Well, that was rough. I finished the first round of edits, but way, way later than I would have liked to. Here I was all enthusiastic about doing them, but life just sort of crippled me and—do you know how hard it is to work on a book that semi-parallels your real life? Hard. Real hard. Wouldn't recommend it, and yet the whole process was cathartic. I am going to guess right now that The Love Seekers will end up being the best thing I've written so far and will have more readers and reviews, mainly because it deals with real-life and doesn't try to dodge behind any paranormal trickery. There is paranormal, and I love paranormal, but it doesn't shield the book from basic human truths. The whole thing is more mature because Emma finally has the chance to grow up and make deci…