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Week in Pictures

Not much has been going on around here. Just edit, edit, edit. Oh my gosh, I hate my book right now. I love it and I hate it. So happy it's with my editor, Summer, and out of my hands. Now I can clean the house and think about other things. Give me a few weeks and I'll love it again, but not now. Definitely, not now. 
I did have a chance to take the kids to the nature park down the road, and of course I brought my trusty little camera. Glad I did, because some of these shots are my favorite so far. Hope you enjoy them, and have a beautiful day!

The moon and the morning star
Trees with a view
Peanut brittle ice
Shadow path
Hansel and Gretel
Boots and stripes
The slope
Forest girl
The Altar
Ice Stream
Cloud ice

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My week in pictures

I'm proofreading and all that, so not much out of me these days. Plus I've had two kids with the stomach flu. Stressed. Breathe. Just, breathe. But I did have time to take a few photos.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for the love!!

I always feel a little needy when I get happy over these things, but oh well, I'm needy. And happy. A couple of really kind reviews have come in for The Soul Seekers, and it pleases me to no end. I'm happy because you never know if someone's going to like your book. In fact, when I went over the final galleys, I was convinced that I had written the worst book ever. I was worried people would find it boring, and cliche, and mostly it was those damn commas!!!! Where do the commas go?! I'd forgotten, because I was completely panicked. Thankfully I had the kind and supportive voice of Karen over at WiDo to keep me from going nuts. And my wonderful editor, who told me the book was very good.  Hearing her say that meant so much to me. At that moment I allowed myself to step back and say, "This is not mine anymore. Good or bad, it's going to be published and some people will like it, and some won't. That's just how it is." All along, I liked my book. Th…

Brrr x 1,000,000,000

School was supposed to start today, but we're stuck in this Polar Vortex thingy which is best described as walking outside and having a Wampa rip your skin off. Yes, it's that cold. Cars aren't starting, people are dropping homeless pets off at shelters. It's quite the event. We're not really prepared for these type of things, are we? Kansas has had some fairly mild winters these last few years, but anyway who's ever heard of a Polar Vortex? Geez. This is when, as a human, you come to understand the reason for body hair. Real body hair. Not strips or landscaped edges. Everyone's shaving it all off the time, but man, who cares about smooth legs or chests (for the men) when it's -10 outside? Not me, that's for sure.

Liam just woke up, stuck his head in the doorway and said, very tousled and sleepy looking, "Mama, we have school today," like, What the heck are you doing on the computer? I broke the happy news and he ambled off to the living r…

Mirrors and lenses

I feel all sepia today. Really should be cleaning, but I'm distracting myself with stupid things like this. 

This is how I usually dress. Tank top and skirt or sweats. My hair's up in a bun because it's really thick and I need to style it. 

A close-up. My freckles are really showing. 

From freckles to polka dots.

Me, looking slightly Victorian.

Lace and . . .

my curry skirt. 

Hair's done. But I need to clean the mirror! My kids fling every bit of water on it and I'm sick of cleaning!!!! But I will do it eventually . . .

One of my favorite dresses in black and white. I love the pattern because it reminds me of the sixties.

And that's it. Windex, here I come.

~In the clouds~

Every morning I get up and let Henry out so he can chase possums, then I feed the cats and hit the bathroom before eventually getting my Folgers going. At some point I find myself staring out the back door to contemplate the sunrise. Like snowflakes, each one is different. They're earth shaking events, silent, and yet they fade so fast. Sometimes I lean out the open door to take a picture, but if it's cold—and it's been really, really cold lately—I'll take a shot through the glass. I, um, do believe it's time to buy another bottle of Windex! 
But anyway, my camera isn't doing these things any real justice. I mean, they were lighting up the kitchen with salmon and bright red or orange and these photos only half captured what I was actually seeing.

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