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A bit of the past

Yesterday I showed you what my hometown looks like now--granted, the pictures were taken on a Sunday and that gave the effect of a ghost town. The old Main Street isn't far from that, but it still has some life to it yet. Here are some pictures of the town when it was in its prime. All photo rights belong to the Johnson County Library. Click pictures to see them in their entirety. Many are being cut off in small view.
A view of the bank 1906.
East side of Main 1906. Notice the hitching posts . . .

East side of Main about 1925.
Kuhn's grocery store. Great guy, had penny candy and great bottles of ice-cold soda. But the food itself rotted inside warm refrigerator bins. This picture is from 1992. Kuhn's closed around 1988.
A coyote hunt probably early 1900's. Melting ice from a recent storm covers the streets. I see about three or four dead coyotes being held up, and children among the group. Makes me sad, but I do understand the hysteria if any human or animal had been recen…

Some good news and history

I had a busy weekend. Well, first, let me impart some great information. I was really struggling with edits lately, but finished round #2 last week only to receive news from my editor that we're close to being done. Shocker! I guess I thought I'd be editing for the rest of my life. Part of me is excited, the other part relieved, another part is freaking out. My mind goes back to the early days of The Soul Seekers and all the innocent hope I had for an idea to some day come true. I've learned so much during the process--and you know it's all about the journey, it really is.
Okay, so this weekend my wonderful friend Marshall Rimann invited me to come sing at a Ripple Glass recycling event at one of his stores. A local radio station was there (96.5 The Buzz), and it was truly a gorgeous day outside. Here's a picture from the event (hint, I'm the Amazonian lady):

The other good news is that my album is at the duplicating house, and should be delivered sometime withi…


As you know, there are a lot of protests going on across America over a failed economy and the part Wall Street has played in it, namely the huge payouts they have received in the past. I was invited (via Facebook) to a local "Occupy" protest yesterday, but I didn't go. The biggest reason was because I am claustrophobic, and also, I have two kids that don't need a mom in the clinker. I know, I know . . . excuses. There is power in numbers, but I saw Dr. Zhivago, man, and I didn't like the crowd scene. Overthrowing a Czar is a tricky sport. It brings on societal hemorrhage, though what's more damaging to a society than a financial institution stealing money while folks are starving? It was horrible what these corporations did. Yes, people should stand up and protest. But sometimes, when I'm around a lot of people, they start to look like Sims characters, all beady-eyed and soulless. I'm thinking I like John and Yoko's Bed Peace Campaign much better…

A Day at the Patch

The other day Liam's class had a trip to a local pumpkin patch. I went to meet them there, as I did with Julia when her class went in the past. It was a dry, dusty day in Kansas, but really beautiful with all the leaves having changed from vibrant green to orange and red and yellow. Liam was excited to see me, he pointed and said, "My mommy! My mommy is here! Look, it's my mommy!" You'd think he doesn't see me every other second of his life, haha.
Next, we rode on a tractor to the little pumpkin patch meant for special school trips like this. The kids ran out and picked their one pumpkin, then it was time for slides and running and having fun.
When it was time to go, Liam's teacher told me he could ride the bus back to school, or I could take him home myself. I said I'd like to take him home. So we got in the van and I handed him a packet of foil covered gingerbread cookies (he LOVES). He devoured those cookies. I heard him in the backseat saying, &qu…

eBooks aren't going anywhere

There's no doubt eBooks are on the rise. It's similar to when people decided to ditch in their VCRs for a new, sleek DVD player. I have a feeling that this holiday season will push things along when, after receiving electronic devices and gift cards for Amazon, itunes, etc, people will be on the search for titles in the e-department. And once they're in, they'll stay.
There is another reason eBooks will grow in popularity: privacy. Funny to say, but there's a growing market for erotic literature. I have nothing against this genre, it's just too steamy for me to read, but many readers will suddenly have the freedom to own books they were too shy to purchase at stores. Overall, I think people are shy about any of the titles they buy, erotic or mainstream, and will enjoy the ease of purchasing titles at home. When I worked at the library, a lot of older women would check out several of romances at a time, always with an embarrassed expression on their face. Then t…

If You're Looking to Read . . .

Just wanted to remind my friends here about a few books that are out right now. If you're looking for something new you might have a look at Talli Roland's new chicklit contemporary romance Watching Willow Wattsabout a young girl who inadvertently becomes an internet star after a video of her gets posted online. Her life in a small British town goes haywire fast, and it's all because of Marilyn Monroe.Ashamedly I haven't read it yet, but I can tell you her first book, The Hating Game, was a well-written romp much in the vein of Bridget Jones's Diary. Talli is a smart writer with a keen sense of humor. It was time to write her up, she is amazing.
Also, we have Tess Hilmo, a blogger who is warm and wise. She fought for many years to have her first book published, and it's finally happened. With a Name Like Love is a sensitive young adult novel set in the 50's. From Amazon: When Ollie’s daddy, the Reverend Everlasting Love, pulls their travel trailer into Binde…

Vices and Dreams

There's that phrase, "Whatever gets you through the night." I tend to believe (aside from murder, theft, and other such barbarism) it's pretty much true. If someone needs to dye their hair a different color every other day to make it through life, let them. If someone needs to smoke to handle their job, or marriage, or the stress of being a parent, let them. Maybe it's a few drinks after work. Maybe it's sex. Leave it to that person to decide when and how to manage their actions, and their choices. The only thing that bothers me is when someone is selfish with their vices, putting them above loved ones--but still, it's up to them to figure that out, and they must faces the consequences.
I've always been really good about cutting off bad habits when they started to approach addiciton: food, alcohol, smokes. I don't like being indebted to a habit. I don't like that which I can't produce from my own being. In other words, if I was stuck on a d…