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The Time Seekers

A few weeks ago I mentioned writing a blog about my newest novel, The Time Seekers, and have only just gotten to it now. It's been a process, this book. Loved the idea, hated the execution. I think by the time I started the first draft I had grown tired of the whole paranormal genre, but the story required me to delve into that mind frame regardless. The book's middle section has been revised many, many times. I just could not get it right. I've heard of the sequel curse, but this was tough.

What I had to remember, though, was a story is never about a genre or any tricks you magically pull from the air, it is about the characters and their journey. Once I came to that mindset I was able to move ahead. I feel like now, finally, there is a great story within the paranormal.

Emma and William weren't perfect for each other after all. William, a ghostly relic from the 1950's, has difficulty adapting to the 1980's. There's also the problem of Emma not being able …

Words and Whips

So, you want to be a writer, eh? Well let me tell you something, little squirt, it ain't for the weak. Think you're great at it? Don't we all. Have you ever had to rip apart a million sentences until your fingers bled? Aha! Okay, I haven't either, but it sure feels like it. Edit number three is back and I feel a bit sick. This is hard work. Mental childbirth. Where's my epidural?

I've been informed that I use the word 'that' way too much. Who knew? I was just writing all happy-like and then 'that' just ruined my life. Oh, I also use 'just' too much. Is there any word I can use that isn't going to get me in trouble? I'm a bit paranoid now. Words, words. You nasty buggers.

So, if you don't hear that much of me in the near future, it's probably because I've had the passive writer whipped out of me. Don't worry. Don't call anyone. I'll be just fine . . .

Have a good one and take care of your beautiful self tod…