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It's FREE day!

Thought I should write a blog today because I see The Soul Seekers is free for kindle again, and I hate to let opportunities like that pass unnoticed. If you have an electronic reading device or the kindle app, I'd very kindly suggest you go get yourself a free book! Why not?

Many of you know that a novel does not just come out all shiny and clean. It goes through an extensive editing process before its eventual release—a process which can be frustrating, painful, enlightening. For the most part I thought editing was great. Though I did suffer a period of emotional trauma at the beginning where I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the process. In the end, I found a way to scare myself into facing the music and getting the work done. What was the scare tactic? Evil notes from my editor (who happens to be very nice). I'd visualize her sending me scathing emails saying the contract had been cancelled and that my book was now a pile of literal ashes in the mind of my publisher. …