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And you?

Hello there. We had our thunderstorm last night, and now it's sunny but windy. Okay, so let's move on to more important things. What was your favorite book growing up and why? I loved The Golden Key by George MacDonald, but Alice in Wonderland came in a close second. Of course, there were so many other books that I loved and read over and over again, but those are my two faves.

Also, what was the first poster you stuck on your wall? I hate to admit it, but my sister and I had a Rick Springfield poster on our wall.

Now, your turn!

Let me check these graphs

It's a beautiful day and it is not going to snow anytime soon (I think). In fact, there are thunderstorms headed our way for tomorrow. While I don't like the idea of severe weather season, I do like the fact that it will be in the 60's. And, let me repeat it, no snow. No snow means no winter. I'm sick of winter.

I can say the above with confidence because this guy told me so. Actually, he's saying the exact opposite, but I love this video.

Free book alert!

It's the weekend, and if you're like me you are on the hunt for something to read. Well search no more! Click here to get a free copy of Talli Roland's new novel Build a Man for download on your Kindle or supporting device. I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPod Touch and it works just fine.

Talli is incredibly talented. Her books are filled with humor, romance, memorable characters and an ingenuity that leaves you asking yourself, "How did she think of all this?" Writing appears to be so effortless for this gal. If you enjoyed movies such as Love, Actually then I think you'll love all of Talli's books. She has that ability to take a whole set of characters, wind them up, put them all together and wrap it up with a huge smile.

She has a website and a blog. I believe she is also a travel writer. She hails from Canada, but currently lives in London. Just recently she made a tour of Cario and wrote about it on her blog. Most of all, she's a sweet gal.


Final stretch

Some loverly news to report, we're almost done with edits for The Soul Seekers. Remember a few weeks back I sent off the latest round, but only after knocking my head against the desk every few seconds because of some very difficult cuts? I had gone back and forth trying to decide whether or not to cut a favorite scene per editor's comments. I felt it was a great scene, but in the end I decided to take it out to move the action along. I pretty much went over this for two weeks before making the decision. So anyway, yesterday evening I get an email from Kristine saying all changes were approved, except one section. I open the document thinking she had some random scene (like the attic scene--lots of backstory), but it's the scene, the one I had stressed over. She put it back in saying she liked it too much to see it go and for me to just cut it down a little. And she added a big smily face to show she knew of the minor heart attack I'd have upon opening the document. Oh…


If I'm not here on the blog or commenting on other blogs, then you can assume a couple of things: I'm writing (or editing), I'm being a mom. Or both. Sometimes I'm not writing but thinking hard about writing. Sometimes I'm writing songs. BTW- thanks for not quitting me. Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog!

But forget all that, and let me tell you about a movie I watched recently. Chilly Scenes of Winter. It's about a guy--Charles--who falls in love with a girl (Laura) who is fresh from separation with a jerk-ish guy. Set in the--you guessed it--wintertime--the film goes between, after and before their relationship. In no particular order. It's a quiet, sensitive film, and the kind of story I'm always trying to write. What I found beautiful was the longing that ran through the whole film. I always feel like love is unrequited and I'm much more interested in stories where there's a struggle to attain it, than when two people hit it off an…

Two Words

Two Words “Going out.” “Have fun.” **** “I’m back.” “Missed ya.” “I’m hungry. Fix something.” “Already did. It burnt. Want pizza?” “No thanks.” “You sure?” “I am.” “Suit yourself. See Carl?” “I did. He’s drunk.” “What, again?”
Still cloudy. But I have a funny story. I think I've mentioned the kids next door that come over a lot. Well, they're adorable children, and my kids are far from perfect, but we've had issues with them coming in and just grabbing whatever food they can find. I mean, literally, before I can even close the door someone has opened a cabinet and poured themselves a bowl of cereal. I'm a gentle person (despite my New Yorker post a few down) and like to tackle these things in a calm, but sure, manner. Here's the funny part though, after all this bad activity the kids came over last weekend and there were some fortune cookies laying on the counter. Julia read her fortune and it said, "You are kind to your friends." I was like, huh, that's not a future, that's more like a statement. A true statement, at that. So, her friend opens hers and it says, "You lie too much." Well, I thought it was funny!

Last night Liam managed to stick a wad of silly p…

A rainy, but wonderful, day

Today has been gray and dreary. I've had to do a lot doctor arranging as Liam needs tubes put in his ears, and that takes insurance and calls, etc. But on the enjoyable side of things, I had another short story acceptance. I'm really happy about it because this particular story is one of my favorites and I've been dying to have you guys read it. Publication date is March 1st with the wonderful Haunted Waters Press/From the Depths issue. Gossamer Boy is about a young man in the 70's (I know, I know) who has a physical problem. Life hasn't been easy, but Freddy Mercury makes everything all right. The boys at school call him Quasimoto. Quasimoto loves Queen. OMG! Seriously, I'm so happy it's going to be published. This story defines me--absolutely defines me as a human and as a writer. I shouldn't gush, but I can't help it. It's not that I think I wrote it brilliantly, I just love what it says.

So anyway, that's my sugar in my tea today. What&#…

Just a regular day

Current edits are done for The Soul Seekers, I sent it in and so today I have been cleaning and relaxing (not at the same time). While surfing the internet just now, I found this great collection of pictures on someone's blog and thought I'd share. There are a few that might be offensive, but only because of shock factor. Let me know what you think.

Cold weather is still staying away from Kansas. It's the winter that never was. Can't complain though, I just hope spring doesn't try to make up for it with severe weather. Last year was enough me me, thank you very much.

A writing post

I've been gone so long . . . sounds like a blues song, but it's just me feeling guilty. I've been editing, and I guess I just can't juggle too many brain projects at a time. But these were tough edits. I had to go over the first few chapters with a fine comb. I took things out, and put them back in, and took them out again. Last chapter--gone. Couple of opening scenes--gone. You won't miss them, but I will. Actually, once I decide to make a cut, I'm strangely emotionless about the whole thing. "Ah, that was easy." Well, anyway, I wouldn't make any cut if it wasn't the right thing to do. I think. Oh geez. Don't go back . . .

That's what is so hard about final edits: every change is so important, and so BIG.

One thing I figured out this round was that I do my best editing early in the morning. I'm prone to distractions, and since there are no talk shows, kids to take care of, dog wanting to be walked, food to snack on, housework to d…