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It seems unreal there's another book coming out. How weird. When people ask, "What do you do?" It's hard to admit that I'm a writer. It's like saying, I'm a big phony, or I love myself, or something cheesy like, I'm special. It just doesn't feel right. But I am a writer and love every second of it. Always been lonely, always been happiest by myself, and so writing is like that little ingredient of happiness where there's always been a void.

What do you love to do?

By the way, it doesn't look like we'll have much snow this Christmas. I feel bad because in my heart I wanted a mild winter and was enjoying the very spring-like temperatures, however, the kids were really looking forward to some of the white stuff coming down. I remember one year while we were doing our shopping I said to them, "Oh, look at all the snow! What a blizzard! We'd better hurry up and get into the store before we freeze our butts off." Then we sang…


The other day I shared something on Facebook that basically said: Here's how to drop people on your friend list who agree with Chump Voldemort (I'm sure you know who he is). Didn't receive any flak for it, but I could see how some would find it offensive. Then today I saw George Takei share the same post. His comments varied from supportive to downright angry. How dare you suggest anyone get rid of a friend just because their political beliefs are different! That's UnAmerican. Freedom of speech, yadda yadda yadda . . .

Does anyone else feel like Facebook is turning into the worst post-Thanksgiving dinner argument ever known?

I woke up this morning and had an epiphany: Chump Voldemort isn't all he claims to be. It's an act. We really shouldn't worry about him, because the impression I had was that he hasn't a change in hell of winning the coming election and he's pretty much a bunny in a cage at this point. He might bite your finger when you shove …

My gut, my glut.

This picture makes no sense.

I've discovered something about myself. I hate gluttony. I hate overeating, I hate feeling lethargic, I hate too much sugar, I hate too much time indoors, I hate boring TV shows, I hate 'richness' whatever it is, not rich people or things, just whatever that thick, greasy, icky feeling of 'richness' is. I hate it. I hate five days of rain and ice without snow, and crappy music, and Taylor Swift singing "This Christmas" while I'm in the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon. It's all annoying, and I hate it. I  hate it when people do too much or anything, or too little of anything. I hate my crappy typing, and the way I can't spell 'thesaurus' after all these years. I need a thesaurus to spell thesaurus. I hate wearing socks in bed. I hate when I wake up and someone's used up all the toilet paper and I have to get creative and think about personal hygiene at 6am before the coffee's even been made.…