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William scores a point . . .

Yeah, this poor guy has been through hell and back. Lost his soul, had to sit in a library for a couple of decades. Couldn't eat, couldn't take a bath, couldn't even change his clothes. And then this Jesse kid  comes around and tries to steal his thunder. Finally, some love.

The Soul Seekers received a wonderful yesterday and it was pro-William. Now, I know many of you have said you liked Jesse, but it's good for ghosts to get a little appreciation once in a while. Here's the review from yesterday: LINK.

Wasn't that cool? I loved it. Thank you, Shelley!

Is everyone ready for Valentine's Day?

Free book time again and cool sequel stuff!

Hey guys, today The Soul Seekers isfree for Kindle. So if you haven't already, go on ahead and get yourselves a copy. You can download the kindle app if you don't have an actual e-reader device. And I'll say it again, THANK YOU so much for the love and support!! I am currently finishing up a sequel with plans for a third, so yes, eventually this whole thing will be a trilogy. Below is the blurb for The Time Seekers. I'm so darn excited to finish so I can submit it to WiDo. 
The Time Seekers:  The honeymoon is over for telepathic college students Emma and William Bennett. William, a former ghost from the 1950’s, is too perfect, too polite and Emma, worried he won’t fit in, pushes him to get wild and loosen up a bit. She even tosses his bottle of Brylcreem.  When the soul-stealing cult they escaped back in Springvale threatens expansion into their college annex of Penn Valley, Colorado, the newlyweds travel to 1956 using Wil…

A shiny new blurb for The Soul Seekers!

The folks at WiDo have updated the blurb for The Soul Seekers. And you know what? I think they did a wonderful job! The original one left Jesse out, so it's really nice to see his name finally included in a description. Btw, Jesse has turned out to be many people's favorite character—a nice surprise for me the author, and totally fun to hear about! So here ya go, the new blurb: 
When Emma Shay’s father dies, that summer– the summer of 1979– her mother moves them cross country to live with Gran in Springvale, a small isolated town in southern Indiana. Springvale is a place with bizarre rules that people are afraid to break. A place of hushed whisperings about long-ago secrets.
Emma’s own secret is her attraction to William, the dark handsome visitor at the library where she works. But she is puzzled and intrigued by his behavior. He sits day after day at the same table in the back of the library. He speaks at her but never to her. He is there and then he isn’t. He is beautiful, m…