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Slutz R Us

Last week my twitter got hacked by a bunch of slutty hoes, or somebody who likes slutty hoes. It was bad. My publisher had to contact me about it because I hadn't been on there for quite a while and had no idea. It was both horrible and amusing. My internet connection was out that day and twitter won't let you delete your account on a mobile, so I was sweating and groaning like a . . . like a . . . well, you know what I mean. It was bad. I sent my son over to ask the neighbors if I could borrow their internet, you know, so I could delete p*rn and all that, and they said okay, go for it.

Man, I really hate the interwebz sometimes. It's such a cesspool of shite. But then there's good stuff like somebody likes your book, or you find a cool video of a cat feeding a monkey a bowl of Lucky Charms, and all the pain goes away.

I just wish it were all a little bit easier. Like, I wish I didn't get hacked every other day of my life.

Anyone else have similar issues? And, oh…