Friday, August 14, 2015

My little feathered friend

I like to call this my "bird on a hot tar roof." She follows me everywhere. It was a Sunday night in July, and I was sitting in the backyard watching the kids play, when this mourning dove flew onto the roof. A little later in front of me, a white feather floated to the ground. After that, I found feathers everywhere. These last few days when the kids have come home from school I've asked, What did I find today? They say, A feather? Today Henry and I started off for our morning walk and I thought, hmm, wouldn't it be funny if one more showed up? As soon as I said that, I looked down, and there it was. A grey and white feather. 

This dove follows us on our walks. It flies from tree to tree until we arrive back home. Not sure what's going on other than an angel is really watching out for me. That's so beautiful.

I feel like I should give her a name. Any suggestions? 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


photo credit: grab a chair and stay awhile via photopin (license)

I woke up this morning with a feeling of new. New life, new hope, new day, new ideas. Surely something's around the corner waiting to crush this feeling, but for now it feels good. The kids started school today and I'm sad, miss them, and dang it's quiet around here. It's only half a day, and they usually sleep until noon, but still . . . it hurts. It hurts all year. There's a hole in my heart when my kids are gone.

Having said that, who's up for a party?

Actually, I have to clean something.

Why is it so quiet in here?

Happy Blechdays!

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