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Continuing Heat

Still enjoying the Olympics, but it is always a disappointment to invest so much time in front of the tv only to watch your favorite player lose. I'm guessing they're a little bit more disappointed than me, though! These are all kids, really, and their entire life counts on two short weeks. I can't imagine the pressure they are going through.

Okay, so it's still blazing hot outside. No one goes out anymore, so the Olympics are well timed. I keep hoping fall will come early, but I doubt it will. Fall will wait until the last minute, show up right around October, then disappear to make room for winter. Tank tops to sweaters. But if fall does want to show up early, why, it's more than welcome. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, knowhatimean?

I see you folks across the pond are finally getting your summer. Any traditions for these warmer nights? Cool drinks? A lighter menu? I tend to eat smaller meals during the summer, and find that I can't handle liquor very well--though …

The Games

Have you been watching the London Olympic Games? What do you think so far? I'm disappointed that Phelps failed to medal yesterday, but am still hoping he can pull it together for the remainder of his trials. It seemed to be all about the men yesterday with the bike races starting it off and the men's gymnastic teams ending the day. Pretty cool to see how deft they are on the pummel horse and high bar. You'd have to get over a lot of fear to spin around in the air like that. And to run and hurl your body off the pummel horse at such speed, wow, it's pretty amazing to watch.

What I've really enjoyed are the views of England. Yesterday, while watching the bicycle races, I found myself watching all the architecture and countryside that flew by. Also, I was fascinated with the painted street symbols. What does a wavy line in the street mean? Ped crossing? Bus loading? I couldn't figure it out.

What are your favorite events?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful S…

The Olympics and another Super stop on The Soul Seekers Blog Tour

The Summer Olympics start today and I'm so excited! Michael Phelps is who I'll be watching the most because I want to see if he can break some new records, but I also love to see the track and field events. It's the only time you get to see the ancient Games in action, things like the discus throw, the long jump and the javelin throw, etc. That javelin thing though, that must be the most dangerous referee job ever! I mean, they stand mere inches away from the landing spot and run right over to check where it lands. Yowza. You couldn't pay me to do that.

Yesterday I woke up to the lovely news that The Soul Seekers was available for Kindle on Amazon, then later in the day, available for Nook at Barnes & Noble. For me, it's like getting a gold metal. I know some people are waiting for the print version (actually, I am too!) and that still releases on August 7. You can pre-order for a discount at WiDo if you like. 
And for fun I am guest blogging over with the prol…

The Soul Seekers available for Kindle

What exciting news to wake up to! The Kindle-ready version of The Soul Seekers is now available for purchase at Amazon. So, if you're spending another hot, miserable day cooped up inside with nothing else to do, and you're looking for a page-turning romantic paranormal adventure with a retro 1970's feel, then you need my book! You might need some food and drink too, but don't spill it on your reading device. And . . . don't forget to let the dogs out. Or go to the bathroom. Yeah, you might want to take a shower.

Reviews: "The Soul Seekers is a very interesting novel! It is full of boys, trouble, a secret society, mystery, and love. It honestly has you questioning how it is going to end the entire time, because as soon as you think one thing will happen another thing happens to change that thought. I was really happy that it wasn't predictable at all." --Book Bite Reviews

"The Soul Seekers is one of the most intriguing books I've read. . . . ca…

An interview with our dear Molly!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today I am being interviewed by the lovely Molly over at Some Other Mountain. We talk about The Soul Seekers and my road to becoming a writer. Come on over!

You won't believe this, but school starts up in a few weeks, although, with this heat I think they should delay it. No kid should be on a bus, or ride their bike to and from school in these extreme temperatures.
I really wouldn't be surprised if a few days were knocked if the heat continues. And . . . I'm sure my kids won't be complaining!

Since summer is coming to an end, though, what poolside novel have you been enjoying later, or plan to start reading? What do you do to  keep cool?

Have a great day!

A post about bullies and your survival

I want to talk about bullying, in particular, online bullying. There was a report the other night which focused on what teens are going through these days with all the social media. Facebook, which has always seemed like such a fun meeting place for friends and family, has now become a tool to spread false rumors about classmates. A fake page will be set up to slander someone's reputation, maybe someone seen as awkward, or a loner, or someone that is your typical wallflower. Many of us were that person, that victim, and it was hard enough just having the usual social outlets. I know it must hurt, and I know every day must feel like forever.

All I can say is, don't use Facebook if this is happening to you. Stop all social media. Let the jerks be jerks, and stay away from it all if only for your own sanity and protection. And remember, it's only the internet. You are a beautiful, awesome person and these people aren't. You have dignity. These people don't. You are go…

Anther Stop on The Soul Seekers Blog Tour

Hello! Today I'm guest hosting for the sweet and lovely Angela Brownover at In a Pursuit of Publishness. Hop on over if you can! Angela is a gifted writer herself, and I expect we'll see her work being published before long.

We had a little rain yesterday morning. It did little for the heat, but the birds were extremely happy, as I'm sure those deer in the forest were as well. Let's hope for more rain in the near future, and a little break in the heat.

So, I haven't had a vacation in a LONG time. Probably wouldn't want to drive anywhere in this heat, but during an ideal summer I'd dream of packing the car to go to Colorado, or maybe the Grand Canyon, or perhaps the Badlands up in South Dakota. Planning trips are fun, but kids complaining in the backseat for hours on end kind of ruins the dream. My mom used to do it though. We'd get in the car—and this is back before iPads and things like that—and endure ends miles of being strapped to a hot vinyl seat i…

Heat (BOO!) and a guest post (Yay!)

Good Morning! Oh, I'll say that in a quieter voice for those of you still waking up. *Good Morning* It's going to be another scorcher here in Kansas, but it's only the beginning of a long stretch of massive heat. It looks something like this:

Just looking at that makes me want to fill the bathtub up with ice. I can't wait for fall. I hope it's cooler in your area!

The lovely Jessica Bell has allowed me to hijack her blog for one day, so if you have some extra time hop on over to read a little about my journey as a writer and musician. A big thanks again to Jessica for having me as a guest!

Another advance review for The Soul Seekers

Another review is in, and it's making me smile so BIG. Whitney Boyd, author of Tanned, Toned, and Totally Faking It has written a wonderful review of The Soul Seekers. Hop on over if you can. She's a total doll, and I absolutely loved her book. It's a huge honor to have her praising mine. Thank you, Whitney!

And since it's Saturday, I'll post a fun video that's been cracking me up all week.

I think I've seen these things!!  They look rather dangerous, but I have to admit, I'd die to see a real mutton chop like these guys are sporting. The Hair Wiz, you need one! The cutting blade is exactly the right distance from the scalp. Buy one today! Only, $2.98!!

First Review

Happy Friday! The first review for The Soul Seekers has come in from lovely Becky at Book Bite Reviews.  I think she did a great job, and was both insightful and honest with her review. Thank you Becky for taking the time to read my book and for writing about it on your blog!

Cyril Brown

My grandfather Cyril Brown grew up in Vinita, Oklahoma, a place I'm longing to see more and more every day that goes by. There's something romantic to me about small towns. The small, dusty towns with cowboys and outlaw legends; little white houses (as the song goes), faux store fronts, subtle accents, harsh-eyed ancestors of pioneers that are, that once were, that always will be. It's like a dream to me. I'm close to it here in mid-eastern Kansas, but somehow it feels faded. 
I think of my grandfather, and I feel like I can be part of it somehow. That it exists in my blood. Red earth and train whistles. Indians and arrowheads buried deep in every backyard. 
But he wanted nothing to do with it. He left to fight in WWI. He went from leading horses around unpaved streets, to riding horses in the cavalry in France. Then, years later, he came back to America only to hop a few trains and settle in Kansas City. What I know of his youth is that his father was a tough-talking…

Summer Days

I'm still here. That's about as much as I can think of to say. I wish I was a big talker, but I'm not. Sometimes I get real quiet; I reserve that right, but do not condone it. : )~

Anyway, last week I had a ton of migraines, really bad ones and I am finally ready to go see a doctor. But I don't want to talk about that too much. But, yeah, migraines for five days straight is pretty much exhausting. It might be the heat. Temperatures rose to 107 this past week, and there is no way to feel good in that. Everything is very, very dry right now, with no rain in sight. A hike in some nearby nature trails revealed evaporating creek beds, spider webs spread low across the crispy vegetation, and deer everywhere. Beautiful, soft, sweet-eyed deer. They weren't afraid of humans, and I don't know why they hung out so close to the trail. Perhaps because of the heat, so many people have abandoned the park and the deer have lost their fear of the crowds. Anyway, for them, It pr…