Thursday, November 22, 2018

Do you believe?

Fifty-Five years ago on November 22, 1963, president John Fitzgerald Kennedy rode alongside his wife Jackie in a motorcade through the crowded streets of Dallas, Texas. The sun was out, the top was down, and everyone displayed the innocence of jubilant anticipation, but that all changed the minute bullets cut the air—one to his throat, the last to his head. Across America news broke out that beloved Jack Kennedy had been shot, and though some held a hopeful tune, initial reports were grim.

In a short matter of time police apprehended a suspect, twenty-five year old Lee Harvey Oswald, and then later came the worst: our president was dead. One thing I find most interesting about the event is how many unanswered questions there are and will continue to be, I'm sure, until full discloser.

Why were there so many conflicting stories, not only from the doctors in the emergency room, but those in the crowd who had first handedly seen a murder in real time? Why was the body taken away for a private autopsy, and why did the head wound exit/entry point move with various witness accounts? I'm far from being a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe there can be a small grain of truth in some of them. The biggest problem is lack of information, conflicting information, etc. It creates a slew of creative obsession. Why shouldn't we believe Oswald was the lone shooter? He had ties to the far right, he'd bought a gun, hid in a warehouse then later in a theater. All the markings of guilt and motivation were there. And yet he insisted himself to be a patsy--a Manchurian candidate--for higher forces.

When Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby snuck into a private area a week later amid a congestion of police and newspeople, all hope for uncovering truth were lost. Then came the question of timing, why was LBJ's car paced a good length behind the president's limo? Why did he walk into the hospital following the others with an 'injured' arm, when in fact he hadn't been shot at all? Then the question of the gun, and the direction. Some heard shots from the grassy knoll--a spot located ahead of the motorcade--and saw a man run off. Some heard it from the top floors of the book depository. Why did the president's head pull back when hit, instead of forward, if the bullets had come from behind? Then that wound location . . .

I hate to say it, but count me in as one who doubts the Warren Commission Report. Something doesn't add up. Think about it, and get back to me. I'm open to all your 'theories.' Also, think about the repetition of such murders in the coming years. MLK, RFK, etc. In the meantime, let's remember the legacy JFK left, that of unity, peace and hope for humanity.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It's the most depressing time of year

photo credit: Howard TJ #InkTober Day 11:  Cruel via photopin (license)

For every positive there's a negative. I'm sure most of us would rather focus on the former, but the reality in life is that there are dark sides to every situation. The holidays are like a time bomb that spurs emotional confrontations into high gear. As a child of emotional abuse, I learned many coping techniques that taught me to put up with a lot I really shouldn't have. My ability to speak, move, even use the bathroom was altered. Basically, I let myself 'play dead' for other people. It's taken years to get over that, and sadly, I'm still in the process. However . . . emotional abuse is universal. At one time or another, we were all made victim by a family member, trusted adult, or loved one. Perpetrators use the holidays to attack, romantic partners use it to keep their partner under lock and key--a veritable prison--all while looking like Ward, or June, Cleaver.

Below is an article offering some coping tips for victims of emotional and or physical abuse. And remember this, all abuse is physical. The stress of abuse takes its toll on a victim over time. Heart issues, liver, PTSD, brain functioning, you-name-it, are unfortunate side effects and cannot be ignored. Stay safe and remember that, no matter what, you are important. You don't have to play dead for other people. You deserve better. Take care and enjoy whatever peaceful moments you can.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Secret Meeting

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This is partly my own thoughts with a spark from another brain. What if, just what if, when Tr*mp was gingerly avoiding the WWI solemnities in France he was actually meeting with P*tin (or a courier of) in secret? If this turns out to be true, how bad would that be? I wonder how many would really care? To me, however, it would be the ultimate in betrayal and treason. Just another day in America.

My friends, your thoughts . . .

Thursday, November 15, 2018

His truth, her truth, and the real truth . . .

Add caphoto credit: Mobilus In Mobili Supreme Court Steps via photopin (license)ption

One of the most frustrating things in our current political forum is the act of deciphering who's right and who's wrong, and sticking with it despite all the oppositional facts that surface on an almost hourly basis. A few months ago we suffered through the Kavanaugh trial against a very meek looking Christine Ford who was accusing the would-be judge of sexual misconduct decades prior. I was willing to give both parties a good, fair chance at telling their truths, but it became obvious there was only one to be had for a particular side, and the others' would be flatly denied. Then came the blame and name calling, then she became a flat-out scapegoat. Public beheading would have been more pleasant than the trial.

Kavanaugh lied on the stand about many things. That is a fact. And, for me, that was the clincher. He lied. He lies. End of story. But does his behavior make her 100% innocent? There's no way to tell. That's why we have a judge and jury. From a character standpoint it was clear which one took the trial with respect: the one who answered in earnest and without disdain against the other who clearly put on a show to manipulate the powers that be. You would think it would have provided a decision point for the jury. But it only seemed a detractor from a decision they had already made.

Here's my problem. A what if . . .

He has a wife and two children. What message was sent out to them by condoning his bad behavior? Rewarding, if you will. What message was sent to his daughters? Despite their age, I would guess at least one of them knows the truth. I think the way he acted on stand is how he acts at home, tirades that make his family walk on eggshells. But now his daughter believes that even if a man yells, grimaces, berates, chides, lies to a person, it's okay. She now has a set idea that the truth isn't important. She now believes a man can be angry with her one minute and accepting the next, and any discomfort is her fault. She now has a screwed viewpoint of humanity for the rest of her life, because we all coddled a lie.

But what if he had told the truth?

Yes, now she has to accept the horrible fact that her father assaulted someone years ago. Her father wasn't a good person. However, by admitting his mistakes and trying to make up for them she now knows that people can evolve, justice wins, victimization is recognized, and above all, truth is all that matters. Honor is all that matters. It would have hurt to hear the truth, most definitely, but it would be far better to hear it, than to live in its decaying shadow. Which is what we've sentenced her to for all of eternity.

A man who lies to the world, lies to his children. A man who lies to himself, lies to the world (and yes, you can switch this to a woman if it serves you). No growth is found, only stagnation.

I wish with everything in my soul that he had gotten on his knees and told the truth--for his wife and children's sake. But he did not. And we rewarded him for this. It served us. Now we have a gaping wound in this country. We keep rewarding liars and silencing the victim. You don't live in someone's lies. You die. It's cancer. It stunts your growth.

I truly hope we change. And I believe America is heading that way. I guess we needed these social/moral inoculations to strengthen us forever, but it hasn't been easy.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How did you feel about the trial and all that is going on?

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quick Visit

It's been awhile. Like all of you I have been stuck in the quicksand of politics, in my head and heart and not much else. Meanwhile over in England I hear all of you worrying about Brexit. I feel like the US is Brexit on a whole other level. Not to downgrade your problems, but if Brexit were a leaking dingy, we'd be the Titanic. Total chaos. However, good news! We just had the midterms and wonderful things happened, then some horrible things happened . . . and so on. You know how it is.

The problem with coming back to a ghost town of a blog is there's a lot to catch up on. I'd like to tell you about my trip to St. Louis, and summer 2018, and fall 2018, and all sorts of things. The time Julia lost her pink quartz stone in the lake and we envisioned lovers coming together all of July . . . I will catch up, I promise. In time.

I can tell you my favorite song of 2018.

Anyway, here we are heading toward the many holiday celebrations (stateyourshere) and Mother Nature has already dropped snow and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with all of it but I guess I don't have a choice, now do I?

How are things with you guys and gals? I miss you!

Me and Butterscotch the kitten (the furry thing above my head)

Happy Blechdays!

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