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Edits, Edits

Edits are finished and have been sent off. They'll come back with more changes, and for me that means more worry. But it's all worth it. This round I discovered that I use too many filler words such as 'get' 'got' 'feel' and 'went.' I can see how vague they are and am extremely embarrassed that I ever relied on them as much as I did. But . . . better to learn now than later.

My editor said the next around will be 'inline' edits, which means you're really digging deep at word usage and sentence structure--I think. Count on me to be stressed. Really stressed. This thing is happening for real. Hard to believe The Time Seekers will be coming out soon!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. As you can see, a tornado did not carry me away. That's a relief. Take care!

Thursday Craziness

These are very strange pictures, but oh well. I'm currently finishing up edits that should have been done weeks ago but spring break came around, and also, I'm a loser. Hey, I did write the third book for this series and so that's wonderful and I'm happy. But guilty, because I have to finish these edits. I hope all is well with everyone. Take good care of yourself!

 Grape (who isn't overweight, just overfluffy) and I chilling in bed because we're cool like that. 
And so that's it. I'm in a weird mood. Hope a tornado doesn't come carry me away. Gotta get these edits done first.

The First Day of Spring

Here I am again. Today was the first day of spring and oh so nice, but you know that cold wind's gonna blow. It always does. The kids and I got outside and played in the sprinkler because it was that warm. Then they laid out on blankets and soaked up the sun while I listened to music and read. Great day. I thought these photos of Julia and Liam were striking. I didn't pose anyone or give any directions. And I, yeah, I threw a picture in of me too. My hair is back to rock and roll color. Rock and roll, baby.  Forever. Summer's coming.

March Gallery

I'm awfully quiet. Not sure why. I've been listening to a copious amount of music and just waiting for winter to end, so that might be it. I don't know . . . But here you go, a collection of the latest coming straight from the home front. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the warmer weather!