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Locked Within Book Tour: A few questions with author Paul Anthony Short

It's Friday! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. If you've just come back from shopping, or are about to . . . grab a cup of coffee and take a little time to get know a great new author who just released his first book. Paul Anthony Short lives in Dublin, Ireland, and is an incredibly devoted writer with an incredible talent. Locked Within is an urban fantasy set in New York, but definitely not the New York we've come to know. A dark, supernatural world exists, and one man must reclaim a hidden power he holds within to battle against the demons. That man is Nathan Shepherd

Q: When did you first start thinking about writing seriously? A: I've wanted to be a professional author since I was about 12 years old. I've always loved music and theatre. My parents raised me in a very creative environment. It was never a case of "I like writing, maybe I could do that." It was always "I'm going to be a writer." Q: What were your favori…

Free ebook today!

Hey everyone, if you still haven't read my book, and would like to, there's a chance to do it for free. Today you can download The Soul Seekers for free on Kindle over at Amazon. It's pretty fun watching the numbers rise throughout the day. Things have been slow for awhile, so it's nice to see a little action.

I didn't say anything about the election results because, well, yay. Happy grin. No need to rub anything in. I'm just happy and we'll leave it at that. Little Julia was happy too. She got into bed with a big, "Shew!" when the results came in. Gotta love that.

But the world isn't fixed. So, it's best to look forward and sing Doris Day-type songs, if you know what I mean.

Anywho, here's a fun interview with the cast from The Soul Seekers. I hope you enjoy. Have a great day!


~Interview with Emma, William and Jesse from The Soul Seekers~

Q-I’ll start with you, Emma. What’s your favorite part about knowing a ghost?
Emma- You mean Wi…

My Thoughts on Election Day

The United States is ready for another election but instead of telling you how to vote, or how I am going to vote, or why you should vote, I want to say how fortunate we are that we can vote. America has been through some very tough times this last decade or so, but we are still here united, regardless of political party or beliefs.

I do want to say a few things about the election, and my wish is not to offend any readers, just to state my view on the subject. I feel I have something worthwhile to say, and a nice venue to say it in. 
No matter who wins tomorrow I will have respect for our next president. Over the last four years I have heard President Obama referred to as "Obummer" and "Obamba," or worse. It is unsettling and wrong. It is un-American. These names were used weeks after the election, not enough time in my opinion to have gathered a true and fair opinion of his work ethic or abilities in leading this country. I have always found President Obama to be …


Okay, so that was a weird post yesterday. But to be perfectly honest, I do think about these things a lot. I did write a book about a ghost-dude, after all! I'm completely fascinated by the whole idea of an after-life and spirits and ghosts, etc. Not that I want any hanging around me any time soon! But, from a comfortable distance, I find it interesting. Maybe it's the history aspect of it? I do love stories about old ghost towns, and there's always such a curiosity about what happened to the town and the people who lived there. Yes, very fascinating to me.

The other thing I think about quite a bit, and it ties in with all the other stuff, is the idea of our spirits in physical form. I do believe we pick our bodies before birth because in some way it does affect our character and spiritual growth. As the years go by we become less enchanted with the idea of being stuck in the same body, especially if it is one with imperfections. I know there are many times I've wished…

A totally trippy, yet serious, post about life and stuff

I saw the most interesting show last night called, The Haunting of (insert celebrity name here). Basically, a psychic meets with a celebrity to help them understand what really happened at a site where something paranormal was experienced. This episode was about Pennhurst Asylum, which until its closure in the 1980's, served for a housing unit for the mentally ill. Patients were treated horribly, children were found to be strapped to their beds or left in cribs unendingly. For a long time, society believed it was in everyone's best interest to hide the mentally ill. I remember reading a journal by a Kansan woman, late 1800's, who described having to drive a neighbor's daughter to an institution. The girl, who was only mildly affected by some disorder mind you, probably something like high-functioning autism or aspergers, begged the woman not to take her. Perhaps one of the saddest things I've ever read. I wanted to reach inside that book and grab the girl and bring…


I'm really thinking I should do this NaNoWriMo thing. I obviously need something to distract me from the real world! Anyone else participating and what kind of book are you thinking of writing? I have a YA contemporary that I started earlier this year but put aside because . . . sigh . . . life. I really like the story and think it could be something worth writing.


Today starts NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Are you participating? Is this what you need to kickstart a book idea that is always getting lost between all your other projects? I have to admit, NaNoWriMo always sounds like a great idea, but I can never seem to hang in there though it really is the best way to get a book done. As they say, you can't edit what isn't there. A finished book, though full of errors, is better than few perfect chapters. Maybe I will try it this year.

However, I need life to give me a break for a while. I'm so stressed out about Julia that I can barely think—or write—sometimes. Just when everything is going smooth I get an email (like today) asking if I can come to a new meeting. What now? How is Julia any different than she's ever been? It's the same thing every time, "Julia doesn't concentrate. Her handwriting needs work. She need to focus."  I know all this. I've listened to it for years now. Meeting after d…