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I guess I just see it everywhere. Light broken up and shattered into brilliance. I see it in everything and everyone. I get so very hurt when others can't see it. When one wants to deny another their simple human rights. I've lost friends because I won't agree that some humans are lesser humans, that some rights aren't as important. It's not in my nature to think like that. To deny or to hurt. And here I live in Kansas. 

I've decided to move on and stay in the positive. I'm so glad that I'm a writer. It's nice to work hard on something and not worry about real life stuff going on. Sent out a finished round of edits to my editor and have started working on something else that needs attention.
I think my next post will be about The Time Seekers--which looks to come out sometime this year. Can't wait to see what the cover will be! And then . . . it's back to work on the third book. I have about 100 pages so far. Really gotta get on that. I nev…

All sorts of beautiful Saturday

So, we've all made it to February and that means . . . well, what does it mean? Where I live it means another month of winter at least. I choose to find joy in the simple things—things that keep me fully grounded. Things like . . . cats. And sunrises. And listening to Paul Simon at seven thirty in the morning. It's a good life. A beautiful life. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my beautiful life.