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Leaving . . on roller skates?

Last night Julia had a girl scout event at a local roller skating rink. First I was moaning and complaining because I didn't want to drive around on a Monday night. But she really, really wanted to go, so we ate a quick dinner and headed off. Turns out almost every troop from the county was there—we're talkin' a whole bunch of pre-teen girls in the same building all at one time. Good lord was it packed. Julia is such a go-getter though. She got those skates on and went right out to the rink. Nothing stops her.

So here's something she's been talking about lately that has me out of sorts, she's been saying very matter-of-fact that as soon as she grows up she's going move to California to live near the beach. It makes my heart heavy. I can't help thinking how I'm gonna go through all the sweat and financial ruin of raising her all these years and then she's just gonna up and leave? How do you like that? But then I'm also like, well, you can'…

Review for In The Stars by Whitney Boyd

Charley Southard is one of those people who thinks she has nothing but is surrounded by treasure. She just can’t see it yet. 
Recently—and wrongfully—laid off from a job at a law firm, and without a penny to her name, In the Stars starts with Charley in one of those situations we all hope to avoid: too many items at the checkout counter and not enough money to pay for them all. I instantly felt bad for the girl and was glad she had cute best friend Josh to sympathize, yet push her through, all these seemingly insurmountable troubles. Unfortunately Charley is stubborn. Everything would be better if she reunited with an old flame, her college boyfriend Drew. Soon Charley is on the road with a mission that feels doomed from the start. But what does she have to lose?
My favorite sections of In the Stars were the descriptions of Charley’s job as a law clerk. I found these parts of the book extremely unique and well done. Also interesting is that the novel takes place in Canada. Perhaps I’…

Choices, choices . . .

I took the kids to an enchanted forest yesterday. The weather was spectacular, just the way you'd want it to be for such an outing. There were fairies, witches, magicians . . . right now in eastern Kansas the leaves are on the verge of their fall transformation; if we go back in a week or so, the whole place will be full-on red and gold. 
I found the above sign, which Liam is staring so intently at, to be quite funny. Poor Liam is thinking very hard, isn't he? Hate to tell him life is a lot like that. Some of the paths are obvious, others, not so much. But if it gets you to where you want to go, good job, you chose the right path. 
You can check out more photos from our walk in my Flickr photostream
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Halloween Story

Over the years a tradition has started whereas I tell funny or scary stories while pushing the kids on their swings out in the backyard, and since Halloween is almost here I figured I might just tell you one. It's long so I'll understand if you skip. Please excuse the typos. I'll do a read through in the morning and edit anything that's wonky at that time.

The Flesh Eater at Sharp's Farm

Kat woke up Saturday morning and wasted no time putting on the outfit she'd chosen the night before:  her favorite pair of Levi's, one of her dad's black t-shirts that he'd tossed out but still looked good, and an old purple hoodie with holes in each pocket so that her fingers always poked through when she shoved them down inside. Kat ran downstairs to eat a few bites of the pancakes her dad had made—his usual Saturday breakfast. She ignored the funny looks he gave her for eating so fast.

"Why the rush?" he asked, leaning back against the kitchen counter to…

Shadows and Light

Last spring I was suffering through a string of bad circumstances, as we all do from one time or the other in our lives. If it wasn't finances, or one of the kids being sick, it was me waking up with another daylong migraine that led to a weeklong migraine. Things are much better now. I figured out the migraines were for the most part a culprit of aspartame in a health drink that I thought would 'fix' the headaches, but was in fact causing them. Turns out, people like me who are prone to pain are especially sensitive to fake sweeteners. I'm not sure how I got through some of those days last spring. Waking up with a pounding head, vomiting, then getting the kids dressed and off to school literally had me in a dark cloud. When I look back at some of the writing I did at the time, I'm embarrassed by all the typos and missing words. But at least I was trying. And I was trying—with every ounce of my being.

When summer came around I was feeling so much better. One thing …