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Kansas Lake Days

I take the kids to the lake a couple of times a week. They like to look for tadpoles in the shallow water, throw rocks, climb up and down the paths of loose dirt. One day we found some food container items and I started up a story about how Sasquatch had spent the night there. The other day though, I found two soggy books on relationships, an empty prescription bottle, rubber gloves, food litter . . . Sasquatch had a rough night. We cleaned it all up so the shore sparkled and gleamed again. 

Here's Julia with a hawk feather, deep in thought.
Gathering stones

Liam, on the move.
I might paint this someday. My beautiful girl. 

Contemplating life through waves and wind
Life is good
The spider on my front porch

Long skinny legs, but I do feed them a lot!!
A good tree to read under.

And that's it. Have a wonderful Friday. Coco has been purring all over my lap. She loves morning writing time. : )

Wednesday, Why?

So, I still exist in this crazy world. And I have a book coming out. That's hard to believe sometimes. I'll be busy doing dishes and laundry, taking the kids somewhere, making lunch and then it will hit me: I'm about to be published. Wow. It doesn't seem real, and it doesn't seem like I even wrote the book, but I know I must have because there are vague, watery memories of countless edits. Still, did I?

Picasso has left the building. She went with my niece, Rose, who has informed me that Picasso is happy and doing fine. Three kittens that are still around—might be here forever, I don't know. The longer they stay, the more attached I get. Coco, who I thought might end up in a barn, is now working her way toward favorite kitty status by doing a nightly catwalk behind everyone's head on the couch, butt rubbing all our napes in purring joy. Plus, she's just so darn cute. Like Sylvester cat. Then there's the Bat Cat, Opera, who loves a nice lap and is so…

Kitten Pics

Okay, per request here are probably some of the last kitten pictures. Sad but true. They grow up so fast!

 Grape upside down  All dem Kittehs  Total awwww moment: La Picasso holding sister Opera  More love Bat Cat  Beautiful Opera Coco's dollhouse (lower level)

Is This Thing On?

Can't believe I'm finally on my blog again. Some sort of lower life form (kid) is always on this here computer and I have to fight to get a snippet of internet time. Now that I'm here, I can't think of anything to write about. Okay, I'll update you on the kittens. They're pretty much weaned and ready to go. I've been sweating it out trying to find good homes for them. I wanted to keep them with close family, but beggars can't be too choosy if you know what I mean. The neighbor girl wanted Coco, and I thought about it all last weakened. But then something terrible happened. The little neighbor boy put Camille in our toilet. I heard a screech and ran through the hall and saw Julia cradling the poor thing with a towel. Julia told me what the little boy had done, with shocked eyes and voice. I praised her over and over for saving the little baby! It all happened so fast—I was putting away the toy horn the little boy had just been chasing kittens with, blast…

Fabric Blog Tour!

Today I'm celebrating the release of Jessica Bell's new poetry collection, Fabric ... Wait!Please don't close the tab at the the mention of poetry! Trust me, just read a little note from the author herself before deciding to disappear ...
Jessica says:
My poetry will not baffle you with phrasing that scholars award for academic genius and that can only be understood by those who wrote it. My poetry is for the everyday reader. In fact, it is even for those who don’t like to read poetry at all. Because it is real, stark and simple.

The poems in Fabric are no different. They explore specific moments in different people’s lives that are significant to whom they have become, the choices they’ve made. It’s about how they perceive the world around them, and how each and every one of their thoughts and actions contributes to the fabric of society. Perhaps you will even learn something new about yourself.

So, even if you do not usually read poetry, I urge you to give this one a go. …

Rambling On

This week was a lot of running around with the kids' summer classes, cousins coming over, trips to the lake, park and any other good weather activities you can think of. I haven't read much and I haven't written much, but it does take me a while to get used to new schedules, and I imagine things will right themselves soon enough.

I was reading The news out in Hutchinson, Kansas this morning and saw there's a new Bio out on David Hockney. It's one of two parts, ending in 1975. Should be interesting. I don't know why I love Hockney so much, but I'm absolutely obsessed with him. I guess I need a mentor sometimes, and he's the current object of my fascination. Well, I mean, I love his art. I love the way he uses colors and space. It gets to my psychedelic pleasure center, but I also just love him in a kindred spirit kind of way. Anyway, enough of that.

There was another article in the same paper about a local artist with fiber art. I thought her work was ki…