Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Humble Pie

Well, the impossible happened and there's nothing anyone can say or do to change it. I want to stay positive and hope for the best, but to be honest right now I'm feeling all sorts of crazy emotions, and grief. Like John F. Kennedy has just died. It hurts.

This scene is from one of my favorite movies, and it's exactly what I'm feeling.  I'm Steve Martin, I want reimbursement, and the snarky ticket agent is America. Pardon the language.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Listen, do you wanna . . .

A few years ago I started a pen name to separate one style of writing from the other. It was an experiment, but mostly I did it to make this whole process a little less confusing. On one hand I was writing paranormal young adult, and the other a mainstream, literary style, and I needed to be able to do so without any worry of confusing the two--and myself! Many writers have separate pen names in order to help them focus and categorize, but mainly to promote. Anyway, I have been hesitant in telling you guys this, but at this point it feels stupid not to.

Today seemed like a good day because one of my books is free in commemoration of Janis Joplin's passing. Cimarron Man and other stories is a collection of shorts (some longer than others), many of which have been published by literary journals. One story, The Secret Life of Johnny Cool, was so much fun to write, sort of an epic journey of a nomad across the California desert where he meets two runaways from an all-female cult in Joshua Tree National Park. There's language and adult themes, but I just loved writing this story, mainly because it includes an ode to Janis. I didn't start off with the intention to write about her, but it happened, and now it has become one of my favorite pieces.

If you download the book (free today!) I hope you will enjoy it, and please, please let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

Take care and Peace!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Slutz R Us

photo credit: maxp24242424 IMG_4216 via photopin (license)

Last week my twitter got hacked by a bunch of slutty hoes, or somebody who likes slutty hoes. It was bad. My publisher had to contact me about it because I hadn't been on there for quite a while and had no idea. It was both horrible and amusing. My internet connection was out that day and twitter won't let you delete your account on a mobile, so I was sweating and groaning like a . . . like a . . . well, you know what I mean. It was bad. I sent my son over to ask the neighbors if I could borrow their internet, you know, so I could delete p*rn and all that, and they said okay, go for it.

Man, I really hate the interwebz sometimes. It's such a cesspool of shite. But then there's good stuff like somebody likes your book, or you find a cool video of a cat feeding a monkey a bowl of Lucky Charms, and all the pain goes away.

I just wish it were all a little bit easier. Like, I wish I didn't get hacked every other day of my life.

Anyone else have similar issues? And, oh yeah, how the heck are you guys anyway?

Leave a comment below and I'll tell you about the pictures I saw on my twitter.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time Slip

Unknown artist

In The Love Seekers, Emma—frustrated with boyfriend and upcoming rock star Jesse—steps into a gallery to cool off and collect herself. She's so mad she might just buy every painting and put them on Jesse's bill. But there's one that puts her mind at ease: a rainy scene in New York, a sea of umbrellas, a fountain with one tiny flower floating along the surface. It's the flower that does it. She decides right then and there that she has to have the painting—for herself, not Jesse. As she stares, the lines blur; Emma feels rain against her skin, she hears the pulse of the traffic nearby, the cloth and the heat of the people walking close—all from a time decades ago. It's the same era William lives in, but she must never see him again.

She doesn't buy it. She can't go back in time, or change time, and she can't go back and be with him, because things have changed.

Hint: The painting shows up later in the book. To find out why and what Emma does when she faces one of her biggest decisions in life, you'll have to read The Love Seekers, out now and available for purchase at Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Are you an Emma?

photo credit: The Sixties via photopin (license)
Are you an Emma?

photo credit: Soft interior via photopin (license)
Then your room would look like this.

photo credit: Raven Used Books via photopin (license)
This is where you'd hang out.

photo credit: 1972 Chevrolet Camaro 5.7Litre via photopin (license)
Your best friend would drive this.

photo credit: Day 037 via photopin (license)
You'd fall in love with . . .

photo credit: James Dean Collage via photopin (license)

But really he's . . .
photo credit: Smallville.s09e09.Pandora.(720p.WEB-DL.AVC.(acROBATT).Rus.(Smart'S Studios).Eng)-Chez[05-33-28] via photopin (license)
And most of all this.

photo credit: Day 258: This seems demonic via photopin (license)
To be together you'll have to escape . . .

photo credit: Ballstion New York ~ High Street ~ Historic Downtown ~ Ghost Coca Cola  Sign via photopin (license)
And this . . .

photo credit: 7/52 via photopin (license)
And above all, this.

Thank you, and have a great Friday!

All three books in The Soul Seekers series are available at Amazon.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oh I wish, I wish that I had . . .

You knew I'd post this video eventually, right? The reason I waited was because I didn't base my character Jesse off Rick Springfield, and Emma isn't exactly that kind of girl, so let's just get that straight. But I did base the two of them off some of the rock dudes from the 80s and their girlfriends. I see Jesse as being much more vulnerable, maybe more punk and goth--until he sells out later *pout.* He gets a perm. You don't know how much I loved and yet hated writing that part.

Actually, if you think about it, this song would be from William's viewpoint. He's in the 60s wishing he still had Emma, he knows she's with Jesse and yet he can't do anything about it because she has to make up her mind. So, just picture a Ward Cleaver dude crooning this song, or maybe more like Frank Sinatra: Shoobie Doobie, I wish I had that cat Jesse's chick . . .

Side note: my sister and I shared a room growing up, and on the wall behind her bed she'd tacked a poster of Rick Springfield. Someone gave it to her and she sort of liked it, sort of didn't, but mostly she liked Duran Duran. All I know is there was a large amount of time to waste while taping songs off Casey Kasem's weekly countdown (twice on Sundays) and I would sit on her bed and stare at that poster so much it eventually ingrained itself into my retinas. Mostly I remember I liked his jeans, lol. The other thing I know is that rock music was my childhood. At the pool, in the car, at a friend's house, in my room, in the kitchen--all rock. In many ways I understand Jesse (not just the Jesse in the song--the Jesse in the book) because he was my best friend growing up. Invisible, but true.

Hope you have a great Sunday. It's getting hot out there!

Friday, June 10, 2016

A chance to catch up . . .

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday! If you haven't read The Time Seekers yet, and would still like to, it is currently free over at Now, I know many people don't do e-books yet, and I totally understand, however, it's easier than you think to download the kindle app. Here's a link on how to do that, or you can download it to your phone or tablet super easy by way of the app store.

To my sadness, The Time Seekers hasn't gotten nearly the same amount of readership as The Soul Seekers. Personally, I always felt it had a great premise: a ghost-guy from the 1950s falls in love with a girl from the 1970s. People talk about how difficult relationships are—the struggles of two people with separate ideals, values, wants, needs, etc.—well, how about not knowing if your love interest is currently in the same decade as you, mentally or physically! How about that for a challenge? I love the conversations Emma and William had, how childish they both were at times (dishes, laundry, male-female roles, jealousy . . .)  And then there was a third party, Jesse. Jesse, who was every bit of a ghost as William, haunting Emma with guilt and memories every day until his return. When he comes back, the entire story is thrown into a pit of fire. I know the world loves their Dan Brown and Mary Higgins Clark, but I love obscure books in the back of the library that have gathered years of dust. The Time Seekers is exactly that kind of book, haha.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!