Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hey, Star

Why not post another trippy thing for you to ponder? Here's something I came up with, and no, I don't use drugs.

The Big Bang happened, right, and all that matter shot out into a black void and created the Universe: stars, planets, you-name-it. Here on Earth things boiled for a while, then steamed and eventually out of all that primordial heat came life. We slithered, crawled, walked on all fours and became walkin' talkin' bipeds.

We are flesh and blood, but we are also made up of elements. All of that space matter and the elements attached--earth, water, fire, air--is our flesh and blood. Some of us are more fire, some water, etc. I personally have a lot of everything. But a fire person would be more creative and passionate, they like travel and sports. The downside is they are completely incapable of sitting still and accepting life's complexities at base level--they want to fight and challenge it to death and then move on to the next battle. A water person is more languid and emotional, they love to consume their diet in liquids, and yes, they do tend to have problems with substance and alcohol abuse--and like water, they creep and run into the deep rivers of thoughts and feelings. Air people love books, languages, justice, thought, roles and relationships, legalities, etc. Never get into an argument with an air element unless you have Google and a Webster's dictionary at hand. Earth people love nature, animals, food, luxuries, are very sensible and grounded, warm, but extremely stubborn, and just like the big rock they live on, ain't going nowhere when it comes to ideals and points they wish to make.

We come from the outer realms. We are everything. It's in us. And out of us.

So if anyone says that you are nothing, you can answer, "Wrong. I am a capsule of the Universe. If I were nothing I'd be invisible."

What element are you?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here's lookin' at you, kid

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 The tree's eyes via photopin (license)
Have you ever noticed how trees of a certain age have eyes? It sounds a bit out there, but recently I started seeing eyes instead of knots where limbs were cut off, and now I refer to them as the 'windows' of a tree's soul. You'll never see one the same way again. Or is it seeing you?

They say you can ground yourself by hugging or sitting at the foot of a tree. The roots go so deep into a dark, parallel world of carbon and fire. We are life and we are stardust. We are everything of the earth, and beyond. To sit at the base is to be centered and put right with all this magic. Like a phone on a charger.

When someone hurts you, intentionally or unintentionally, it cuts. Even if we hide our pain, there is an invisible cut. Endings, deaths, denials. Our wounds heal eventually and turn into scars. Each scar is a visible remnant of that time when we were forced to grow into a new phase or mindset. Our soul has a million rings, is so rich with experience, culled together from the first breath.

It is impossible to go through life without pain. In fact, we need it, or else, why be born in the first place? Life wasn't meant to sit in a lounger and sip champagne. It was meant for the ultimate experience. The good and the bad.

Perhaps you have eyes that don't blink, cuts that don't bleed. Perhaps you are covered with an indelible, invisible bark, and your soul reaches down into an abyss of the earth's soul.

Perhaps you are wiser than you think.

How many 'eyes' do you have?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Lif in the Microcosm

photo credit: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo Ritzville Washington  ~ Historic Main Street ~ Small Town America via photopin (license)

My daughter and I visited a small town the other day and as usual I people watched from the corners of my eyes. I've always been fascinated by these little microcosms of society ruled by Christianity and red meat, Saturday night drink-a-thons and usually a ton of 1950-ish dogmatic beliefs. In the car later I was talking about how these small towns have existed for so long without any change, and isn't that funny, but in a way beautiful. However, they won't last much longer because eventually the rest of the world will encroach on their bubble and bring about a slow but lasting shift.

So Frank works at the slaughterhouse. His father works there, his friends work there, and they all drink beer on Saturday night and then go to church on Sunday. Frank meets a girl, gets married, and soon a baby is on the way. A boy. They name him John. Well, John is a free spirit, he likes to dance, he doesn't care about looking like a boy or a girl, and he hates meat. His parents seek comfort in the church and are told to reject all evil. But it's their kid. Is John evil? So first, they whip him, then they take him hunting, then to the slaughterhouse, then they forcibly cut his hair and demand that he acts like everyone else. Lastly, they shun John and tell him to get out because if they can't change him they can't love him.

But John is still John, and the seeds of his lessons stay behind, eroding and eradicating the dogmatic ways of his parent's generation. Years go by and the parents adapt. They can accept the hair, the open thinking, and eventually, they'll come to accept John completely, because love heals all.

You can already see it. The new generations see how the rigid, rules we live by just aren't working anymore, and they will change it because somehow they know it's time. And that's beautiful. What do you think?

I wish you a great day. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nature Speaks To Us All

Just wanted to write the quickest post in the world to talk about how nature mirrors everyday life events. Have you ever noticed things such as the birds acting crazy on the same day you're having a chaotic life experience, or maybe there's absolutely no weather at all when things for you are serene? I do feel that nature is spirit's way to talk to us, and if we learn how to interpret the messages we gain insight on how to navigate through our difficult and sometimes confusing lives.

Last week when the political world was in chaos with the healthcare system being torn apart, forcing millions of American to lose vital medical care, the hawks were out stealing from the nests of other birds. Now, I love hawks, but I cringe when they do this each year. The other, much smaller, birds fought back, yet as we can all guess a robin hasn't much chance against a falcon. It breaks my heart, but it is nature and I respect the process. However, I found it interesting that at the same time the very fabric of security—our life and health—was being stolen from us, and more importantly, from our children. Without going into my political views, I find it intersecting how the hawks mirrored the events of the day.

If you look closely, you will find the same ability to predict or measure your life through the nature around you. All it takes is a little bit of slowing down and time spent outside. Ask what it is you want to know, or need help with, and I guarantee the answer will be shown to you in so many various forms.

I wish you well.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I hate writing titles

I don't have much to say except that I am on Instagram and would love to meet up with you guys there. It and this place are pretty much a graveyard, but I do post pictures every once in a while so check it out. Hope you're having a great day.

Monday, January 23, 2017

You made a difference

Friday morning I woke up and sensed a palpable negative energy in the world, like a cold skin had been placed on us all. The sky was slate grey and blackbirds corralled in my yard picking at the ground. Thank God for children and their divine ability to distract us all from the troubles of life. When they came home from school going on and on about tests and what their plans for the weekend were, I felt myself lighten up a bit.

Friday was the inauguration, and no, I didn't watch. It may be history, but so are sinking ships.

On Saturday things weren't that much better, really. I went about the house completing my errands, conducting a mental dialogue about the groceries I needed to pick up for the week ahead: sack lunches for the kids, dinners, hand-held items for bus-bound pre-teens. By noon the clouds thinned just enough to see a spark of sunlight; it lightened my emotions as I took Henry for a walk. Still though, my heart felt depleted like that of a twenty-year-old after being broke up with. No hope for reconciliation, just a dull pain and going-through-the-motions to get through it all.

Later on I watched the news and saw all the women who had gathered together, not only in America but across the world, and it was if the real sun finally come out. Everything changed. These weren't bitter women, these weren't violent protests or refusals of truths, these were people of all gender, age, status coming together to say: we count and we won't put up with bully tactics from anyone. Not now, not ever.

I can't stop thinking about how amazing it is. Thank you to all who went out and marched. I feel like a jerk for not being there too, but I am glad that the ones who were supposed to go, did. Thank you. It made a difference. You made a difference.

I loved reading Arleen's blog post today about her epic journey to one of the marches on Saturday. Truly inspiring. We should all be like her in action and in spirit. You rock, Arleen.