Friday, April 11, 2014

The Time Seekers

A few weeks ago I mentioned writing a blog about my newest novel, The Time Seekers, and have only just gotten to it now. It's been quite a process, this book. Loved the idea, hated the execution. I think by the time I started the first draft I had grown tired of the whole paranormal genre, but the story required me to delve into that mind frame regardless. I'll tell you, the book's middle section has been revised many, many times. I just could not get it right. It was a crap book for a long time. I've heard of the sequel curse, but this was tough.

What I had to remember, though, was a story is never about a genre or any tricks you magically pull from the air, it is about the characters and their journey. Once I came to that mindset I was able to move ahead. I feel like now, finally, there is a great story within the paranormal.

Emma and William weren't perfect for each other after all. William, a ghostly relic from the 1950's, has difficulty adapting to the 1980's. There's also the problem of Emma not being able to get over Jesse's death. She carries the guilt of leaving him that night in the caves, and this guilt causes her to pull away from what would otherwise be such a beautiful relationship with William. Sounds like real life, if you don't count the ghost/cult stuff!

There was another element in the novel which had me in a brain-knot—do I alter a major 'real' event in history or keep it the same? People can get mighty pissed off when you mess with history. Especially when it comes to famous rock stars! To be honest, I didn't even choose at the end. I let the story lead me to that scene and whatever happened, happened. I worried about it, but now it's out of my hands. I'm clean . . .

The Time Seekers is in its fourth round of edits. The process, to be vetted by someone who knows the ins and outs of molding a perfect book, is wonderful yet painful. But I love it. My hopes are people will enjoy the book because, despite what I've said about any difficulty I had in writing it, The Time Seekers was enjoyable for me in so many ways. I loved revisiting Emma and William. And . . . hmm, you just never know who else is going to show up! Btw, I've written the third book, and so there's more time-travel goodness on the way. Emma goes from New York to Paris to Aspen, Colorado, then back to New York, 1980, 1963, 1988 . . .  Fun! The Love Seekers was so much fun to write. It's rock n roll and love and magic.

Peace and Smiles! Take care!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Words and Whips

So, you want to be a writer, eh? Well let me tell you something, little squirt, it ain't for the weak. Think you're great at it? Don't we all. Have you ever had to rip apart a million sentences until your fingers bled? Aha! Okay, I haven't either, but it sure feels like it. Edit number three is back and I feel a bit sick. This is hard work. Mental childbirth. Where's my epidural?

I've been informed that I use the word 'that' way too much. Who knew? I was just writing all happy-like and then 'that' just ruined my life. Oh, I also use 'just' too much. Is there any word I can use that isn't going to get me in trouble? I'm a bit paranoid now. Words, words. You nasty buggers.

So, if you don't hear that much of me in the near future, it's probably because I've had the passive writer whipped out of me. Don't worry. Don't call anyone. I'll be just fine . . .

Have a good one and take care of your beautiful self today!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Edits, Edits

Edits are finished and have been sent off. They'll come back with more changes, and for me that means more worry. But it's all worth it. This round I discovered that I use too many filler words such as 'get' 'got' 'feel' and 'went.' I can see how vague they are and am extremely embarrassed that I ever relied on them as much as I did. But . . . better to learn now than later.

My editor said the next around will be 'inline' edits, which means you're really digging deep at word usage and sentence structure--I think. Count on me to be stressed. Really stressed. This thing is happening for real. Hard to believe The Time Seekers will be coming out soon!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. As you can see, a tornado did not carry me away. That's a relief. Take care!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Craziness

These are very strange pictures, but oh well. I'm currently finishing up edits that should have been done weeks ago but spring break came around, and also, I'm a loser. Hey, I did write the third book for this series and so that's wonderful and I'm happy. But guilty, because I have to finish these edits. I hope all is well with everyone. Take good care of yourself!

 Grape (who isn't overweight, just overfluffy) and I chilling in bed because we're cool like that. 

And so that's it. I'm in a weird mood. Hope a tornado doesn't come carry me away. Gotta get these edits done first. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First Day of Spring

Here I am again. Today was the first day of spring and oh so nice, but you know that cold wind's gonna blow. It always does. The kids and I got outside and played in the sprinkler because it was that warm. Then they laid out on blankets and soaked up the sun while I listened to music and read. Great day. I thought these photos of Julia and Liam were striking. I didn't pose anyone or give any directions. And I, yeah, I threw a picture in of me too. My hair is back to rock and roll color. Rock and roll, baby.  Forever. Summer's coming.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Gallery

I'm awfully quiet. Not sure why. I've been listening to a copious amount of music and just waiting for winter to end, so that might be it. I don't know . . . But here you go, a collection of the latest coming straight from the home front. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the warmer weather!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I guess I just see it everywhere. Light broken up and shattered into brilliance. I see it in everything and everyone. I get so very hurt when others can't see it. When one wants to deny another their simple human rights. I've lost friends because I won't agree that some humans are lesser humans, that some rights aren't as important. It's not in my nature to think like that. To deny or to hurt. And here I live in Kansas. 

I've decided to move on and stay in the positive. I'm so glad that I'm a writer. It's nice to work hard on something and not worry about real life stuff going on. Sent out a finished round of edits to my editor and have started working on something else that needs attention.

I think my next post will be about The Time Seekers--which looks to come out sometime this year. Can't wait to see what the cover will be! And then . . . it's back to work on the third book. I have about 100 pages so far. Really gotta get on that. I never knew I'd have this much writing to do. 

And . . . it's going to snow again. Let's all just give a huge groan over that little fact. ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Snow? Sheesh. Say it ain't so. Really. Say it. 

Have a good one. Thanks for stopping by!