Total Eclipse of the Blog

Hello, dear readers! Are you in the path of the eclipse? Did you buy the special glasses? I am sort of in the path and bought glasses . . . however they are currently with my kids at school so personally I am screwed. But that's okay! I am going to take pictures of it through my phone whilst wearing cheap plastic UV shades and a brimmed hat. Hopefully my eyes will make it out safe after all of this. Kind of like being able to see things.

For the occasion, my darling girl made a video. She's into editing and does a pretty darn good job at it, actually, I think does a GREAT job. I hope you like it, and, Happy Eclipse 2017!


Toast and Jam--Channeling my inner Carly Simon


Toast and Jam

In the spirit of summer I've started a little morning ritual called "Toast and Jam" where I let loose and sing whatever comes to mind. The first video I recorded is kind of embarrassing because it shows my legs. I'm shy and didn't want to be on camera and, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Hey, I do have shorts on . . . you just can't see them. Anyway, singing over toast is a much better idea. I hope you enjoy the videos and thank so much in advance for watching. Peace.

The Soup

Over time I have wavered on the idea of manifestation being the real deal or if someone merely created the concept to sell a ton of books and videos. Personally, my luck comes sporadically and at the bottom of life's proverbial well. But I have noticed something about successful people. First off, they work really hard. Secondly, many of them go through a period of complete and utter loss before success is allowed to come in. Carson McCullers, a master of introspective writing, was set to become a concert pianist when she fell ill and was forced to recuperate at home. She then worked at various jobs and studied creative writing at night, thus beginning a new and much more lucrative path. She had tried in vain to manifest a career in music, but perhaps what she wanted all along was to write, even if it wasn't directly obvious at the time. Perhaps her illness was a physical manifestation of those inner workings, her inner desires.

So it seems the true art of manifestation is lo…

John, Janis, Jim

Hey you beautiful people, I started a new blog about my three favorite musicians: John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. If that's your sort of thing, check it out!


Hey, Star

Why not post another trippy thing for you to ponder? Here's something I came up with, and no, I don't use drugs.

The Big Bang happened, right, and all that matter shot out into a black void and created the Universe: stars, planets, you-name-it. Here on Earth things boiled for a while, then steamed and eventually out of all that primordial heat came life. We slithered, crawled, walked on all fours and became walkin' talkin' bipeds.

We are flesh and blood, but we are also made up of elements. All of that space matter and the elements attached--earth, water, fire, air--is our flesh and blood. Some of us are more fire, some water, etc. I personally have a lot of everything. But a fire person would be more creative and passionate, they like travel and sports. The downside is they are completely incapable of sitting still and accepting life's complexities at base level--they want to fight and challenge it to death and then move on to the next battle. A water person is mo…

Here's lookin' at you, kid

Have you ever noticed how trees of a certain age have eyes? It sounds a bit out there, but recently I started seeing eyes instead of knots where limbs were cut off, and now I refer to them as the 'windows' of a tree's soul. You'll never see one the same way again. Or is it seeing you?

They say you can ground yourself by hugging or sitting at the foot of a tree. The roots go so deep into a dark, parallel world of carbon and fire. We are life and we are stardust. We are everything of the earth, and beyond. To sit at the base is to be centered and put right with all this magic. Like a phone on a charger.

When someone hurts you, intentionally or unintentionally, it cuts. Even if we hide our pain, there is an invisible cut. Endings, deaths, denials. Our wounds heal eventually and turn into scars. Each scar is a visible remnant of that time when we were forced to grow into a new phase or mindset. Our soul has a million rings, is so rich with experience, culled together from…