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The cans and cant's of writing

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Just a little post about writing that I came up with while doing the dishes (isn't that where all our best ideas come from?). I hope you enjoy it.

What you can control--How often you write, and the genre and style you choose to write in.

What you can't control--That any of it will turn out to be good.

What you can control--That you will, over time, grow as a writer. There's no way a person can't learn through time and process. You may not like the speed in which your skills grow as a writer, but they will grow, and you should be proud of your hard work.

What you can't control--Success. No matter how good you are and how much time you spend, there are no guarantees.

What you can control--That eventually you will have more than one reader for your work. Sometimes all it takes is asking a friend or family member to read your manuscript or short story. With their help you might get published, which could provide a larger audience over tim…

Merry Inappropriate Christmas

Real quick, 'cause I have to go mail something, just thought I'd show you the Christmas card Julia made for her teacher, but which I would not allow her to take to school. You can imagine my horror, though I laughed all day about it. But, man. Kids.

I can only guess Julia thought her teacher needed a little lovin' under the mistletoe. Or something like that. Yikes!


I've been MIA, like lost in the middle of the ocean on a dingy, MIA. Sorry. I think perhaps I'd grown sick of writing about myself. I don't know. It's much more fun writing about my characters, and there's not much for me to say about them here. I remember the days when I foolishly believed I could post all my work, not knowing that a blog was considered a publication.

Also, I've also been so upset over the whole gun control issue (or lack of) that I want to go bat shit crazy. You don't want to see that. On my personal Facebook page (family, friends) I've pissed off a handful of folks. Fine. I don't hate all guns, just the kind that can kill a classroom of children in a few second's time. Not sure how anyone can't see the logic in getting rid of such a weapon, but there you go. Again, you don't want to see me go crazy on here talking about it. My views involve lots of four-letter words. Not very dignified. 
Mostly I've been writing e…