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Singing in the (insert your current weather here)

Happy Easter to everyone! It's a sunny day here in Kansas, but that's due to change in a day with some of that dreaded cold white stuff called snow. BOOOOOOOOOOOO! But hey, today is beautiful. We'll take it.

I really do wish you the best. Safe travels and good times with your family and friends!

Here's one of my favorite movie scenes ever. It has nothing to do with Easter, but whatever, haha. Enjoy!

The Sludge of March

Where have I been? Do I exist? Did aliens capture me while I was driving home from a late-night shopping trip at the local IGA, then lay me across a make-shift temple in the middle of Ohio? No. At least, not that I know of. What I do know is I am writing a lot, and I am kind of crazy and, oh yeah, also I am a horrible blogger. Wish I cold blame aliens on that . . .

Coco the kitty is staring at my blogger document right now. If only she could write blogs, she'd have a lot to tell you. The way she pretends a twisted up pipe cleaner is a mouse, the way she walks through the hall in the morning, crying, crying, until I call her in and she runs to me, jumps up on the computer desk and sits right on top of the keyboard. She's my lucky Coco kitty. The official fluffmeister of the feline kingdom. How I love my Coco.

Coco, editing a document

It's going to snow again. What's up with that? For awhile there I thought God was trying to kill us with snowflakes. It just kept coming a…