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New cover for The Soul Seekers

Here is the gorgeous new cover for The Soul Seekers. I'm totally in love with it! WiDo did a fantastic job, and hands down to the art department for showing Emma's hippie style and the 'mysterious' boy who could either be William or Jesse. The former cover, though retro cool, had too much of an old-fashioned feel to it, so I'm really happy about the change. This new one is beautiful and dreamy. When I saw it yesterday, let's just say I almost cried.

I have seen the equally gorgeous cover for The Time Seekers, but I'm not sure if I can share yet. Anyway it's nice to give the first book a little mention of its own.

So, for today you can judge a book by its cover! I said so.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!

Coming to grips

I think perhaps I was in shock the other day after finding out my third book had been accepted. I'm one of those people who have trouble believing it when good things happen too easily. Sure, I moan and complain when they don't, but when they do . . . it's just weird. But I am very happy, and again, I look forward to the release.

When I look back at writing the first book, which I've talked about way too much I'm sure, there's a feeling of pure love and happiness that it's all worked out. It was a rough road convincing people a ghost love interest had any real merit. At the time, it was cliché as hell. But to me, it was everything. From the moment I saw "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" on TV in high school, I knew that I'd write about a specter and a human one day. I just didn't know how or when . . . or anything. I just knew. The funny thing is that when you finally allow yourself to believe in an idea, and you give of yourself completely, good…

New book, and it's late so I can't think of a proper blog title--you're lucky I can even spell right now . . .

After some crazy email problems, all stemming from my Yahoo account (basically, someone hacking my Yahoo, which sounds terrible), I heard that WiDo will pick up the third book in my novel series about Emma. I'm truly happy and thrilled to know The Love Seekers will come out. I was sort of transfixed into another world the whole time I worked on it, which is a nice treat after struggling so much with other projects. So, yay, this is good news and I can't wait to get things rolling!

But back to that email. I had a bad feeling my messages weren't going out, as all received messages were being erased--and not by me. I had my computer hacked too, and my phone. I'm pretty sure it's still happening. My Facebook goes nuts, it's crazy. It started last spring. The good news is that I've switched to a new service, but as for Facebook, it's not like I have to go on there that much anyway. Too many arguments and annoying misspelled memes. Anyone have similar issues …

Marching On

It's hard to believe Summer Break is half over. I refuse to accept it! Most of mine has been spent with the kids, watching them swim and taking them to the park. I've also been writing a lot, as usual. I do that in the mornings before they wake up, and then simmer over what will happen in my next writing session throughout the day. As usual, I'm dreading the start of school because it means an empty house. But I'm also looking forward to it . . . because it means an empty house. I always feel guilty about that! The truth is, I write more when the kids are around. My schedule is jacked up, yes, but my heart is in one piece. But, hey, don't tell anyone I said that!

The other day WiDo sent a message to tell me The Time Seekers is about to get a cover. Probably one of the most exciting times for any writer. Seriously, it's like Christmas! A nice reward after all that hard work. It's my first real time travel novel, and to understand the significance of that, y…