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Give thanks and pass the turkey!

These turkeys are grateful for being alive! Looks like they're hittin' the road.
Today is Thanksgiving here in the States, and that means it's a good time for me to sit back and take stock of all the things I'm grateful for. At times I tend to focus on what is missing from my life, things I can't seem to change or find success with. Slowly I'm learning that there will always be an object on the horizon to fixate on, but it's what I have right now that matters. I've been reading a lot about gratitude, and how it not only makes you appreciate what is already in your life, but draws toward you that which you still need. It's simple really: set aside a moment every day to take stock of what you are grateful for. You don't do it just one day of the year, you do it every day of the year. The effect is that you are happier, and being happier means you open the doors to even more happiness. I'm down with that!

I have much to be grateful for. My chi…

About Henry . . .

My walk with Henry today was oh so cold, and I think this entire winter is going to be a challenge. Could be time to invest in a pair of thermal underwear—what do you think? The problem with Henry is he stops every few feet to sniff at something, and yes I get annoyed and tug on his leash and say, come on, hurry it up. But he's very stubborn when it come to our walks. He knows it's his only time to do what he wants to do. The rest of the day he slumps around looking bored.

This is what Henry really likes to do:
 Roll  and roll  sniff the air and roll.
He also has to deal with these alien life forms:
 Opera And Coco, the magnificent.
Alright, that's enough cuteness for today. Have a good one!

It keeps coming . . .

Today it's sunny, but super cold—like January cold. This isn't fair. The kids were late for school today because it took me so long to scrape the frost off the windshield of my car. I hate frost!! And where's November?! Grrrr . . .

On the bright side of things, my publisher put together a press release for my second book and posted it on their website. So excited!

I have a lot of work to do. But I kind of live for that sort of thing, so it's okay. If only the holidays weren't so close. I'll just say that this is going to be an interesting few months for me.

How are things in your neck of the woods?


I’ve often wondered what compels me to write. Is it to live out a kind of fantasy through the character’s lives, to reach out to others, to create, or is my subconscious trying to work through issues in my life that I otherwise haven’t had the ability to mend on my own? In Bye, Joni Weaver, a manuscript I’m currently revising, I found myself writing a father/daughter dynamic, which is weird, because I know nothing about father/daughter relationships. At the age of three my father shoved me off his lap and curtly asked my mother to keep me from climbing up there again. Something inside of me was so very hurt. Strange that I climbed up there anyway, as my father very clearly was not the type you’d want to snuggle up to. But some unknown childish urge had made me do it anyway, and then suffered the consequences for said urge. 
Let me tell you about my father. He was tall. He had dark hair and ice blue eyes. He was very religious and would use the bible as his excuse and reason for most …

Big But

You know the two sayings: When it rains, it pours and Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it? I'm finding out exactly what those both mean. First it was the wonderful book acceptance from my publisher, and now I've received a revise and resubmit from an agent for another book altogether. That means I need to work on two books at the same time. It's looking like a good time to get myself cloned . . .

Friday afternoon I sat down to check email. Oh, another rejection, I thought, scanning quickly through the paragraphs of: while this was initially exciting . . . I really liked the voice . . . great concept . . . But then there was a but. And for those of you who send out queries, you know there's never a but. There's always an I'msorry or We've decided to pass this time or I just don't feel passionate enough about this. 

But, it said, if you work on the points I've mentioned, I'd be happy to read this again, should you decide to resubmit…

Dead green tomatoes

Let's just say I have fallen behind on my tomato duty. This summer I ate them off the vine, chopped them up for salsa, sliced them for sandwiches, gave them away, saved them, watched them rot. But now I've given up. Too many tomatoes!!

This is after a frost. The plant is dying, but the fruit still clings.
So close. You guys want to pick some for me?
And here's what's left of the leaves so far on a backyard tree. Won't be long before the rest fall down. 

Happy Announcement Day

Today it is brisk and dark and Miss Julia went to school with her cool new coat, but nothing on her head. I'm fretting over this and also that it's class picture day. Liam's new shirt had a mysterious rip in it that he would only smile about but not explain. Julia's bangs are still growing out from the botched haircut she gave herself a few months ago. I slapped some hair gel on the bangs and stuck a sparkly purple hair bow in there somewhere for distraction. I exchanged Liam's shirt for a pullover with black stripes. If there's a rip, I don't want to know.

Oh, and . . .

Guess I never told you that I sent in a revised partial of The Time Seekers to WiDo a while back. They asked for a full and have now offered me a contract to publish the book.

I know, I know . . . all that fuss I made last spring. Honestly, I think I have grown a lot since then, as a human and as a writer. I've written here, I've written there, I've written everywhere. That does…