Vices and Dreams

There's that phrase, "Whatever gets you through the night." I tend to believe (aside from murder, theft, and other such barbarism) it's pretty much true. If someone needs to dye their hair a different color every other day to make it through life, let them. If someone needs to smoke to handle their job, or marriage, or the stress of being a parent, let them. Maybe it's a few drinks after work. Maybe it's sex. Leave it to that person to decide when and how to manage their actions, and their choices. The only thing that bothers me is when someone is selfish with their vices, putting them above loved ones--but still, it's up to them to figure that out, and they must faces the consequences.

I've always been really good about cutting off bad habits when they started to approach addiciton: food, alcohol, smokes. I don't like being indebted to a habit. I don't like that which I can't produce from my own being. In other words, if I was stuck on a desert island I'd still be able to find happiness and faith in life. No chemicals needed.

My biggest current vices are daydreaming, procrastination, worry, music obsession. I wish I had a spending habit, but I haven't had a dime to myself since last spring so that ain't happening anytime soon. That's why I daydream so much. It's all I have, haha.

What about you? What are your habits; your vices? How do you 'get through the night?'


  1. Well, I'm with you on the procrastination thing...then there's coffee and going out to eat and blogging...

  2. Right now, mine is pretty much the same as your's Amy, although I would start mine off with worry followed by procrastination. Due to all the horrible weather we are having for the past month and the constant rain, I could add in a little depression also. I have got to get out of this cycle.

  3. Your 'Post a Comment' box is too small.

  4. I couldn't possibly say without you calling the police...

    ...sending you some financial wellbeing vibes from across the sea.

  5. Hm... vices. Procrastination? Actually, I tend to rush things. Is that a vice? It should be.


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