William scores a point . . .

Yeah, this poor guy has been through hell and back. Lost his soul, had to sit in a library for a couple of decades. Couldn't eat, couldn't take a bath, couldn't even change his clothes. And then this Jesse kid  comes around and tries to steal his thunder. Finally, some love.

The Soul Seekers received a wonderful yesterday and it was pro-William. Now, I know many of you have said you liked Jesse, but it's good for ghosts to get a little appreciation once in a while. Here's the review from yesterday: LINK. 

Wasn't that cool? I loved it. Thank you, Shelley!

Is everyone ready for Valentine's Day?


  1. Great review! Maybe one reason I enjoyed it so much was the same point she made, that Emma doesn't have that modern teen girl voice. I saw that as a strength, especially since it was set in the seventies-- would have been a problem if she sounded like today's YA novel heroines.

  2. I agree. I think I must enjoy the idea of someone who is a bit more sophisticated for their age. Also, I'm not sure her relationship with William would have worked if I'd given her a younger voice. But I also know, and I'm adding this after some thought, that there's definitely an art to writing a teen voice. I'm still learning. Not sure if I could effectively pull off a modern teenager!

    I thought the reviewer was correct. Always glad to hear what people think!

  3. Aw, thanks so much for posting my review! I think Karen made a good point, that if the voice sounded too young, it wouldn't fit the time period. I've read books where the voice and setting don't mix, and it's jarring. But yours is great.

    I'm sorry for all the Jesse lovers - I know I called him obnoxious in my review. He was an excellent character, seriously. He was so real, and guys in real life *are* really obnoxious, let's face it. ;) He reminded me so much of guys I knew when I was in high school, so props to you for creating such realistic characters.

    I still adore William, though. Could not get enough of him!

    1. Don't worry about it! I think it's great. I love to hear which character people like more, and, cough, I've hinted a lot lately that, cough, there is a sequel coming up so. Yeah. Things might get interesting.

      Thank you so much for your lovely review!

  4. Rereading this, I meant I'm sorry TO the Jesse lovers. Haha. Not that I'm sorry he has lovers. I think you mastered the love triangle, creating fans for both characters. :)

    1. Adding that there have been people who were pro-WIlliam too, so don't feel bad. In fact, one early reader of the manuscript told me to cut Jesse out of the book. I wouldn't do that. He's too funny, rebellious, so completely unwilling to give up. But I really loved William's noble ways and I thought he suited Emma more. But again . . . the sequel is coming . . . haha.

  5. It would have been a big mistake to cut Jesse out of the book! Glad you didn't!


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