Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review for In The Stars by Whitney Boyd

Charley Southard is one of those people who thinks she has nothing but is surrounded by treasure. She just can’t see it yet. 

Recently—and wrongfully—laid off from a job at a law firm, and without a penny to her name, In the Stars starts with Charley in one of those situations we all hope to avoid: too many items at the checkout counter and not enough money to pay for them all. I instantly felt bad for the girl and was glad she had cute best friend Josh to sympathize, yet push her through, all these seemingly insurmountable troubles. Unfortunately Charley is stubborn. Everything would be better if she reunited with an old flame, her college boyfriend Drew. Soon Charley is on the road with a mission that feels doomed from the start. But what does she have to lose?

My favorite sections of In the Stars were the descriptions of Charley’s job as a law clerk. I found these parts of the book extremely unique and well done. Also interesting is that the novel takes place in Canada. Perhaps I’ve been missing out, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of modern fiction in that particular setting and I really liked reading about the landscape, architecture and society of Canada.

I will admit to cringing as Charley headed toward what could be called stalker status as she located and pushed herself on Drew. Oh no, Charley. Nooooooo. At the same time, I could see those exact moments the kind that would make a really fun movie. The author takes you through each moment you told yourself couldn’t and shouldn’t happen and yet still manages to wrap things up in a realistic and bittersweet way. In the Stars is a young book with a wise heart. I truly enjoyed the author exploring all aspects of the flawed Charley: her life, how she treats people, what it means to grow up and accept responsibility, yet still stand up for what you believe. You feel as if no stone has been left unturned. You the reader have been respected with a novel that has been written with grace and honesty.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this book and hope it does well. Whitney Boyd is a talented writer with a gift of making the unbelievable come to life. She has a confident style and you fall easily into her expert storytelling. 

You can find out more about this author at her blog: http://whitneyjboyd.blogspot.com

In the Stars can be pre-ordered at: WiDo

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