Fine tuning that old query letter

Well it's not that old but it feels like it. If it was a car, it would have its second set of tires and a funky seat cover from the auto department at Wal-Mart.

Some really great folks from Absolute Write have given me great tips and I mucho appreciate-o.

The bad news is that I already sent out my old query to about seven different agents. Bummer. I have had two rejections and am still waiting on the others like so many writers out there. When I got my rejection yesterday it really had me down for a few hours, but I am not one to stay down forever. My life has taught me to keep trying no matter what no matter who, no matter how bad it seems.

I don't know why I want to write so bad and why I'd want others to read my work, but I do darnitt, I do. I want people to hear about my characters and love them the way I do. I want them to feel the town I laid out and experience its strangeness and funky ethereal quality.

Talking about loving a written character, I was watching a show yesterday and there was this rock n roll guy on there that reminded me of Jesse -- the third party in my trio of main characters in BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION. And I was actually having heart palpitations because of the resemblance. Wouldn't it be strange if your characters could come to life and you could meet them? There'd be trouble for sure. Yep. And lots of good times.


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