I refuse to turn back my clocks

I dunno. I guess I just get sick of being told what to do. Maybe because as a mom I do everything for everyone all the time and just when I had things figured out, we alter time. I like my time the way it is. Get up at 7:00 with the sun still coming up over the trees, eat lunch when the shadows are laying all over the back wall from the sun standing behind our maples, have a cup of tea just when twilight is starting to dance around on the fence tops . . .

So here's the plan. When everyone else is existing in this strange universe altered by a whole hour, I'll be one hour ahead. It'll give me the ultimate power. I'll know everything first, see everything first. When I show up to an event an hour "late" and receive nasty looks, I'll just say, "What? YOU guys were early." Okay, I know it sounds ridiculous, and rude, but how rude is it to make sure all my mornings will now be so bright that both of my kids and the dog and the cat are now going to be woken by sunlight at seven in the morning from now on? I needed that extra hour to center myself before all the chaos started.

So, I refuse to give in. Not . . . this . . . time.


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