Setting ourselves up

I've been thinking how we are so afraid of failure, or the pain of failure, that we almost ask for it on a constant basis. "You're gonna reject me! Oh God, just do it already!" Instead, we should be saying--like the SNL version of Joy from the talk-show, The View--So what, who cares?

I've known so much failure in my life that I could list it as a body part. Knit it a sweater. Hold birthday parties. Invite it to a movie. Why, oh, why am I so afraid?

Because it hurts and it always feels like you have to reinvent yourself after a rejection. But that's life. You can't be a writer, an artist, a musician, a mom if you can't take rejection.

So, I am rejecting rejection. My dreams will not have floorboards. Instead of worrying about being put down, I'm going to envision the day I succeed, and most of all, how much fun I had getting there. Instead of having months of worry and pain before the blade drops down, I'm going to write and have fun and believe in good things.


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