Gentle Man

Someone told me a while back that it's naive to think any man can be a gentleman, to which I stood and stared in wide-eyed disbelief. It was news to me! Perhaps I've read too many romance novels, but I actually hold onto the belief that there are still some men out there who are good at heart and not always after a roll in the hay-hay-hay-ooh-baby.

Men used to do nice things for us, but then we told them to stop. What in the hell were we thinking?????!!!!!! Why was it such a bad thing to let men show affection and care in those sweet and simple ways? Did it really objectify us? I mean, we also burned the bra in revolt, but it came back in a few years due to gravitational necessity. Oh I see . . . we don't NEED men. That's right. The fact is, they were doing all those nice things just to get sex anyway. I get it now.

But . . . there has to be a few men out there who want to be kind, who like to protect us because they love us, not because of any end result. Perhaps this is why we fantasize about sparkly vampires and gorgeous fairy dudes. In the realm of make-believe, it's okay to allow protective behavior because it takes nothing away from our day-to-day stance in the war between sexes. I know my male MC is an old-fashioned gentleman from the 1950's. Every once in a while you see a spark of dirty white boy in there, but his main concern is taking care of Emma. Sigh. It's harmless fun for the reader.

Poor men, they started off with a leaf when they should have been given Eve's Diary. It would have made things so much easier. They would have discovered how sometimes we want, and sometimes we need, and sometimes we want to need. Okay, maybe that wouldn't make things any easier. But he would know how very much we love him.


  1. I'm just thankful mine keeps trying to understand my crazy ways. Love the 'should have been given Eve's diary' line. hehehe

  2. Mine just falls asleep all the time. Guess what he's doing now? Yep. Perhaps I should say Eve's Diary . . . and some NO-DOZE.


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