Picky Readers

I can be kind of persnickety about the books I read, and quite often get bored with modern fiction. It has to have an element of time travel, romance, history, reality, humor. I love to hear about ghosts and all that spooky paranormal stuff. I really love relationships. If the back cover says something about a love twist, I'm in.

Perhaps I feel I've met my quota after working at the library and having access to every book known to man. I can honestly say I've read just about everything, and now have settled into stubborn reader land.

Are you picky? Or do you try to expand your horizons as a writer?


  1. Let me get this straight. Are you saying the books you want to read has to have all those elements, or that every book you come across has to have all those elements? It must be tough finding one book with all those things.

  2. Thank you Amy, for your post. Yes, I get really bored-real easy. If the book doesn't grab me in the first chapter or so, well lets say-on-the-table it goes. However, then again, If I would read more often, my attention wouldn't be at ( lack for better words) ADD. I would go with expand my horizons.

  3. Matt- Nah. I just like it when a book has one or a couple of those themes. I shouldn't be so picky even with that, there are so many good books out there worth reading.

    Cindy- I look at the back cover, then any blurbs inside, and then the first few pages. But usually, it's a certain theme that wins me over. Time travel is big for me.

  4. Both. I go through periods when I only want to read a particular genre other times I'm all over the place.

  5. I love time travel too. Recommend something good. I especially love it when it all makes sense, as so much of time traveling doesn't.

  6. I'm willing to give most things a try

    but I never feel bad about putting a book aside if I lose interest

    does that make me picky? maybe, but I'm okay with it.

  7. Anything by Jack Finney is good for me.

  8. I just want to feel something, joy, anger both. Anything really.


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