Questions for a Thursday

Don't you love your characters conversations? I think this has to be a huge thing for fiction writers. I'm basically an introvert in real life and so the ability to bring these people together and have them interact in any way I please, that's just an amazing feeling.

Are you lonely when the voices go away? Or are you distanced enough so that a character is just a thing you control and there's no need for getting emotional, mate? I'm way too connected. Last week I went through a phase of loneliness while waiting for the character voices to start flowing in my head again. It was awful. The realization hit that I very much need an internal presence of some sort of creation, whether it be songwriting, fiction writing, anything. My guess is most writers are similar in this need.

How far will you reach in the bread bag to get a nice, soft piece of bread, ignoring the sacrificial crusts?

Oh, why do we love Edward so much? Haha, I don't even have to say his last name.

That's all I will ask for now. I hope the sun comes out! Have a wicked writing day!


  1. I'm such an introvert too. Are most writers this way? From what I've read on line a lot of us are. Weird, huh?

    And the bread. lol. I will reach past a whole stack to get to a soft piece. LOL. Soft bread's the best and the crust sucks!!

    As for Edward, I think it's so funny that you can just mention the name and everyone (well, almost everyone) knows who you're talking about. But why do we love him? I have no idea. I was hesitant on the whole Twilight hoopla, but once I saw and read it... I was in love. Like instantly. I swear the book pages are laced with drugs! They have to be. I only hope I can write a book that captivates so many one day. :)

  2. I always reach past the crusts! But, in good conscience, rearrange everything to make it look like I didn't do it. Though who can explain the bread slowly going down, down, and the crusts still being there? Wasn't me . . .

    I was the same way with Edward. Vampires?! No way. And then holy cow did I get it. It's the whole protective, gentleman thing and the old fashioned quality he possess that got to me. I loved the dialogue so much.

  3. Forgot to say, I hope you do too Kimberly. I have every reason to believe you will publish a great book, and it's just a matter of time before it all happens. Hopefully mine will be there around too : )~ I just have to get it done first!

  4. I am surrounded by the Dead right now (working in a church on 3 x 18th century memorials), and I really wish they had more to say. I've resorted to listening to a radio for the last couple of days, just to drown them out.

    Who is Edward???

  5. Maybe you should ask them some questions. Maybe . . . they don't like your station. Maybe they're, um, dead?

    Edward is a Vampire. Yo.

  6. What kind of music are you listening to?

  7. It's BBC R4 - all talk, and not much music. A vampire? I should have guessed it.

  8. Actually, I've just remembered that all the plays since I've had the radio in the church have been about dead people - that must be what did it.

  9. I'm with you on that! Finishing is the hardest part!

    And I absolutely believe you will be published too. Maybe we can be published at the same time and be book buddies. LOL. ; )

  10. I have an award for you over on my blog!!! Check it out when you get a chance :)


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