Is it okay for a writer to be satisfied with their work?

I ask this question because I—like so many writers—struggle with the need to always be better. Everything I do is executed with intuition and a careful step, yet there's a great fear that if ever published, other writers will tear me to pieces. Sometimes, I'm so critical that it's almost akin to stepping on my toes while writing, constantly tripping over words, erasing, writing, loving, hating . . . When is a writer allowed to be satisfied?

The biggest thing I have learned, and am still learning, is that confidence is key. It's the backbone to your dreams, and without it, nothing can stand. When I hear myself saying, "I just can't get this section right!" I insert a little confidence and clear away the doubt with, "You're not only going to make it work, you're going to make it brilliant." It's the only way.

There were many situations in my life that were hard to battle through, and I've learned to keep confidence close-by, just in case. When doubt creeps in I grab hold of the old backbone and keep strong. Doubt, yes, give-up? NO.

So again, do you over critique yourself, and how do you get through the writer's doubts? Family, friends, faith? Chocolate?


  1. YES! I way over critique myself--almost to the point where I drive myself absoulutely insane. As a writer, I'm not sure I will ever be completely satisfied. And I'm sure I will always find something I want to change. It's like a never ending cycle... I swear! : )

    And Chocolate always makes everything better. : )

  2. I think the worst was back when I had an agent ask for a full, I sent it in absolutely confident and happy. Two hours later I was a huge mess and went through all sorts of paranoia. Yes, chocolate, yes.

  3. did I hear somebody say chocolate?

  4. Let's face it - everyone knows when what they have written is unpublishable, I just wish publishers knew that too.

  5. Tom! LOL
    I think it's tough to know that no matter how great your work is someone will not like it. Once we can except that (which is hard) I think that will help.

  6. Tom-too funny!

    Southpaw-nicely said.

  7. Yep, family, friends, faith, choclate .... and coffee. Thanks God for editors. They've proven to be my lifeblood many times.

    Stephen Tremp


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