Unplugged like Neil Young

Monday starts my week of abstaining from any and all internet pastimes. It isn't going to be easy.

I'll miss you guys something awful!!! This has been such a great week with new people saying hi, as well as faithful friends who have been here since the beginning coming by to offer their sweet support. I love you!! Check out the links and follow away.

Simone and her beautiful art and even more beautiful words.

Tess and her calm wisdom, sprinkled with humor and
excellent writing advice.

Cindy and her darling, spirited view of the world. She's been a really great friend to me!

Holly Ruggiero with her lovely pictures, insights and recipes.

Matt who's sarcasm, stories and photos always make my day.

Kristie has a really cool blog, and is a fellow YA writer working toward publication. Oh, and she's really fun too!

Erica is such a generous person, with lovely posts; another YA writer that I'm proud to know.

Kimberly is a kindred spirit, and full of spirit! Check out the awesome book cover she made. It rocks!

Tom and his witty and yet deeply internal musings. I'll miss talking to him this week.

Jennifer who is so smart and, again, generous. I love hearing about her writing experiences every day!

And that's about all I can do right now. Take care everyone and great writing to you. See ya next week!


  1. Aw, we will miss you! Have a great week and I hope you get bunches accomplished!! :)

  2. See you next week Amy. Only 7 days.

  3. Aw, and I was just getting to know you! Happy writing and thanks for the links.

  4. Have a great week Amy! I should really follow this example but I don't think I have the strength yet..

    This means you won't find out until next week, but never mind, it'll be a nice thing to come back to :P - there's a sunshine award for you over at my place because I think you make the blogging world a brighter place :~D

  5. Thanks for pimpin my blog :) You're too sweet!!! Hope you enjoy your time off!!

    For when you get back - I have an award for you over at my blog!

  6. Have a nice week away from cyberspace! Everyone needs to unplug now and again. Looking forward to reading you when you return!


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