What's Your Writing Security Blanket?

What gets you in the mood to write? What conditions have to be in place before you can create?

I have a certain list of songs that go with every part of my book, so I play that while working. Not too loud though.

I have to have a glass of water nearby because somehow I get dehydrated while writing. I think I bite my lip a lot. Also, it could be all the cussing.

The TV is hardly ever on—that is way too distracting for me, mostly because I'll turn to watch it and lose my train of thought.

No snacks. I will go and take a snack break—just nothing by the computer.

People can't come in and talk to me. That will make me nuttier than a Babe Ruth candy bar.

I will not sit down to write when I know I'll get inturrupted by anyone or anything. The cat and dog can't be hungry, I'll make sure the kids are busy . . . but you know, they always come in with some problem the second I sit down. "Mom, Liam ripped Sleeping Beauty's head off!" or "Mom, I wanna cookie!" or "Meow!" This is why I get up so darn early to write. It's dark, it's cold and only vampires are awake. But getting up early makes me just wackadoo enough to write some really neat sentences.

I think that's it. I surf the net a lot. It's like a tick or something.

What are your little security blankets?


  1. Nothing. By that I mean, I need to be surrounded by nothing. This rarely happens, but you know those teeny rooms they have at the library with blank white walls and a lone desk? That makes me write.

  2. I can understand. Putting words together can be a very detailed process and music (especially that with words) can influence someone's train of thought.

    What about people that can go to Starbucks and write on their laptop? I totally couldn't work that way. I'd be people watching, looking out the window. The coffee grinder would be sooooo annoying.

  3. A little time by myself and something in mind. It could be as little as a word or big as a new idea for a book but usually that's all it takes.
    Have a lovely week Amy and my thanks to you for all the kind words.
    Warm regards,

  4. I always need a glass of something--water or tea or hot chocolate--nearby. I think it's definitely the cussing.

    Door closed to my bedroom where I have a little makeshift desk set up. Blinds shut (for some reason, whenever I sit down to write, the outside world suddenly becomes way too fascinating). Determination!

  5. My headphones are my security blanket when writing. Oh, and my chapstick. It seems every time i get into the writing groove I need chapstick. LOL. : )

  6. I need to be surrounded by ghosts. When you ask for them, you will never be scared to be alone, and they give such good advice.


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