I ♥ Cars

Do you remember your first? Mine lived almost half an hour. The thing was huge, it had a sunroof and dark red velour for God's sake. It was a piece of junk meant to get me far enough away from the seller's property, but not quite make it home. My second first car was a Chevy Cavalier. I still remember the thrill of driving it alone for the first time. My friends wanted to go to the beach, so I put on my swimsuit, grabbed a towel, took a deep breath and drove to pick everyone up. That first ride down the highway was surreal. Freedom.

It really changed my life, having a car. I needed to have something of my own so bad.

My third car was a Ford. Won't be buying any of those again, even if the Mustang looks sweeet. It used to rattle like an old locomotive coming across a makeshift bridge. Then something weird happened to the accelerator and every time I tried to pull out of a stop it was like I was in the Flintstone's. I swear, I had nightmares forever about that damn thing.

Someone bashed into me at a stoplight and killed the Ford. Mercy killing I guess.

Now, as many of you know, I want a 1972 SS Camaro. When I say want, I mean, oh lord . . . WANT. Last week I saw a new Dodge Challenger though. Oh yeah. No one better drive up to my house in that car if they ain't serious.


  1. Oh yeah! My first was a little white Mitsubishi Mirage...not sure they even make those anymore. Just that feeling of freedom that you get as a teenager...ahhh....something special in it, isn't there?

    Now I drive a bright orange Nissan Xterra...strange, but I have mad love for it. And I can always find it in the parking lot. :-)

  2. I like Nissan, and that reminds me of the Mazda Protoge I had. Oh, I loved that car!!! Manual transmission. Oh, man I miss it!

  3. My first (legal) car was a Volvo - 122 S Amazon - and, aside from a few deviations along the way, I've been driving Volvos ever since. They are not as boring as they appear. Actually they are these days, now that quite a few family cars have 300 BHP engines under the bonnet. I wouldn't get a vintage one, Amy, unless you can afford the live-in mechanic to keep it on the road too. P.S. - I drive automatic transmission by choice these days, and my left foot has withered away.

  4. Mine was a white VW Beetle (the old type). Coolest car in college. It had mice, and small plants that grew from somewhere within the door. The back seat was filled with 'Chicken-n-chips' wrappers, and for some strange reason it needed a new clutch every other week! Best car ever.

  5. My word verification for the above was 'bless'.

  6. Awesome! I love the mice in the car, hehe.

  7. I remember that Beetle, Cro - didn't the rear window blow out every time you slammed a door with the other windows open?

  8. Something like that. Or your eardrums burst!


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