Saturday Favorites

I think I'll go see a friend play at a "pub" tonight. We usually call them bars in America, but once in a while you see the word "pub" which basically means bar with flair. It's still a bar.

Since today is Saturday, I will hook you up with some videos to make your life fantastically happy and carefree, like Snow White on acid.

I used to listen to a hilarious show called "The Bad Music Hour" and they always had at least one Shatner song to rock my world.

I loved this commercial when I was a kid. My favorite by far.

And for some reason it won't let me embed this one, but you have to see it. You'll want a Whopper afterwards, trust me.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I watched the Shatner video from behind the sofa, whilst biting my knuckles. What a star. "Someone left the Cake out in the Rain" is a good one too.

    The Dr Peppers ad must be to do with upbringing. It's 'Bisto' adverts for my British generation. (I shagged one of the Bisto mums a few years back - my claim to fame).

    (P.S. Why is it that You Toob vids always get the right side cut off when post here?)

  2. Hmmm, not sure. It does it to my iPod, but not to the computer. I'll have to pick a smaller size next time.

    So, coming to an invisible person's blog? You have such faith. I'll crown you as my first saint(ignoring the shag comment, of course).

  3. Happy Saturday Amy! Have a great time down the pub (as they say on this side of the ocean!).


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