Two Posts in a Day? Wha?

My wonderful friend Kimberly Franklin has given me the unique opportunity to tell lies about myself and not get into any trouble. Yay! I admit to being an award hogger, like she has kindly admitted about herself as well, so I'll get to this now while it's still steaming.

So, I am to tell six lies about myself and one truth and you wonderful (none of you are psychic, right) people have to figure out which one was the truth. Got it? Here we go.

1. I studied at the New York Fashion Institute and ended up working for Victoria's Secret, designing lingerie.

2. Years ago, I worked at a Newspaper office, writing up articles on local farming news. All my interviews had at least one pig and or cow present in the background.

3. I dated a John Lennon impersonator from a Beatles' Tribute Band.

4. I love to eat at HOOters. God, those chicken wings are sooooo tasty!

5. This summer, I'm going to be on a cool reality show about five liberals and five conservatives living in a house together. It's called, Big Bother.

6. One time, I was eating ice cream and when I got to the middle of the cone saw a golden ticket. I pulled it out, and ran around the park singing, "I've got a golden ticket, I've got a golden ticket . . ." until the cops came and took me away. Man, those were the days.

7. I took one of those stripper pole exercise classes, and my thong got caught on another girl's high heel and they had to extract us using someone's pink Bath and Body Works fingernail clippers.

Okay. I feel so much better now. I guess my job at this point is to issue the award to another blogger friend. The only person I can think of who hasn't done it yet is Talli Roland. Although a new friend, she has already proven to be very sweet and funny and generous with praise! She's also very witty and I enjoy reading her blog. Love her!

Lie, Talli, Lie!


  1. Aw, thank so much for your kind words, Amy! I love fabricating, too!

    I'm going to guess the Big Bother is the truth. Because I want it to be! That would be so cool. If it is true, you have to tell me everything about what it's like!

  2. I choose 1 because I'd love for that to be the truth!!! It would be so fun!

    LMAO but #7 still has me laughing! I almost peed my pants!

  3. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to tell you the truth. Oh darn.

    Talli- I love Big Brother (the original from which mine became a spin-off . . . if mine is true . . . it's all so cloudy right now)

    Tom- well, I uh, gosh . . . I forgot what I was going to say.

    Jen- Now you have carpal tunnel and a frequent need to urinate. Sorry I contributed to your downfall.

  4. Too much. I'm actually a really bad liar, but this was a good excuse to get creative and have fun.

  5. Ugh. It's under the post above. I suck, I know. Didn't mean to bury it under a whole long post like that. I dated the Lennon impersonator. It sucks.


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