You Need Some Sugar in That Coffee

Good Morning beautiful people. Did you have a good weekend? Did you eat pancakes . . . see a movie . . . read a good book? Did anyone make sweet love? Okay, okay, that was a bit much, I know. I'll probably erase it later.

I planted some seedlings in the garden, made toffee, listened to music, it was Record Store Day after all! Yesterday I wrote some long overdue emails in a last ditch effort to not lose any more friends. I think it worked!

The lovely, lovely Jennifer Daiker at Unedited has given me a blog and I'd like to pass it on. It's a little bit sugary sweet, I have to say. I think this picture needs some roughing up. Like bullet holes and scorpions.

Formerly known as the blog award killer, I've decided to actually pass it on to a few of the many sweet people who visit pretty much every day. Thank you!

There, I've done it. Enjoy and thank you again for being such great people.

I'm still feeling a little sick from cute bear. Here's some Queen.


  1. Huge Queen fan here .. ah, the memories...

    and my answers to your five questions are: three yes and two no (I won't specify .. but we're all feeling sweet around here. okay that was weird and creepy. sorry.)

    thanks for the award . very thoughtful!

  2. Let's just imagine those red paw prints are actually bullet holes with blood dripping out. Does that help?

  3. Tess- haha

    Karen- that definitely helps, shew

  4. I tried : ( But I was too weak and am going to have pink baby cubs in a week or so. Do you hate me now?

  5. Oh, I love Queen! Congrats on the award and to the people you've passed it onto.

  6. Pink Baby Cubs? Should I hate you? (I could warm to the notion...)

  7. The verification word for the above? "misterpa" This machine is psychic...

  8. I have a strange urge to knit . . . and eat honey.

  9. Thanks so much for the award! =)

  10. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! And congrats on your award too!! :)

  11. Amy you make me laugh!!! I love the part about the pancakes... that's some yummy goodness right there :)

    Congrats on your award and Congrats to the other winners!

  12. No pancakes this weekend (which is an unusual event around here!) But I did slip away to the lake for one night to celebrate my daughter's 14th birthday, so that made up for no pancakes.

    Congrats on your award and to the other winners!

  13. Kimberly- you're so welcome!

    Jen- Thank YOU : )

    Susan- Thank you and congrats to your daughter!

  14. Aww *hugs* thank you so much for the award! I think your blog is schweeet!

    Love that song - I love to sing it too ;o) Thanks again ;o)


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