Hey, you look a lot like . . .

Alain Delon has some of Will's dark, good looks—sans the cigarette. Ghosts don't smoke, you know? And then, a running joke in the book is the way Emma refers to Will as Superman—because he looks so much like the man of steel, as pictured below. You know I love Superman, right?!
He's a writer and has just a little bit of Jack Kerouac in him—perpetually surrounded by books.
And he'd have amazing blue eyes like Gerard Butler . . .


I always thought Amanda Seyfried would make a great choice to capture Emma's hippieish persona. She's a little bit Joni Mitchell . . .
And a little bit Supergirl—just to even things out, of course!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Delon, Kerouac, and Superman all in the same story? Amy, it's a winner!

    Have a charmed weekend. Bisou, Cro.

  2. I think you have some wonderful characters here Amy!!! I love Amy and Will is a hunk!

  3. Thanks you two! I think I'll make this a stickie sidebar.

  4. I love your character photos, Amy. Especially the Gerard Butler one!

  5. Thank you Talli. Yes, that one of Gerard is divine!

  6. I bet Amanda Seyfried's arse isn't as good as Joni's, though - is she Canadian? (not that that makes any difference, I suppose) X

  7. She might be. I forgot to put in Jodi Foster and Stevie Knicks! I'll just add those later.


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