Makin' it Work

I've been having a rough time getting through a scene lately. But I know from past experience that there are one or two things happening which might be keeping me from moving on: I've either created too much and have lost control, or I have veered too far from the original plan with no hope of righting it anywhere in the book.

It takes me a couple of days before I can get over my frustration. Then my need to write takes over and I start to get strategic. One thing I have started to do is to write several versions of the scene and keep all extras in a Tidbit File. That way I can keep all the stuff I like without feeling as if I am losing anything. Ironically, I have found some of these non-working scenes to work later on and so I actually do end up using them in other parts of the book.

What works for you? Do you have a method that helps prevent or helps you dig yourself out of The Block?

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I'm having that same problem right now. I get into these little writing funks, or maybe I should call them non-writing funks. It's hard to get out of them sometimes. And I don't really know how I get out of them, it just kind of happens. LOL. I'm lots of help, huh?

    Happy Memorial Day!!

  2. I had a really horrible one around Christmas. Scared the heck outta me. You should try the tidbit file thing, it really helps. This morning I've moved about four pages in order to write a scene again, and I can tell already that I feel better and things will move a lot smoother.

    Anyway, I hope that helps, and I hope you get to writing soon!

  3. I hate the little writing funks and lately they've really been piling up on me. I suppose maybe it's the summer sun that has me jaded, fun in the sun seems to keep my interest of my writing. I am hoping it doesn't block me forever!

    I have a post ready for Wednesday to help get rid of Writers Block haha guess I should have posted it today!

  4. oh, yes, I have a method. It's called screaming and crying and slamming my fists into the table. hehehe...

    nah, not really. For me, reading helps me most of all. I need to read my favorites, pull them off the shelf, get lost in that world. that's my best muse connector.

  5. I just keep pounding out the words and hoping I'll write my way there in the end!

  6. Jen- I hope it gets better for you! They say that water helps open up creativity, so maybe all that summer fun will help out after awhile.

    Tess- Haha! I feel like doing that sometimes : D But since I write early in the morning, I'd just end up waking the kids and I DON'T want that to happen. Reading is a great idea! I have some story collections that I think I'll go through tonight. I like the phrase "Muse Connector."

    Tess- Good for you! That's really the best way. I've heard a lot of pros say the same thing—butt in chair, baby.

  7. i step into the world of my writing and write what i see as it happens. like a movie almost

    is my blog

  8. I like your movie idea- great!


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