Saturday Faves

Oh my God. Is it really? Can I be sure? Yes, yes, relax. It is Saturday and that means it's time for SATURDAY FAVES. You lucky bastards.

A group of really great guys over at Absolute Write have been helping me figure out which gun Emma should have. I said it needed to be female-friendly and a fast shooter (because she's only getting one shot at this—literally). The overall choice, and the one that resonated with me, was the Smith & Wesson .38 special. Good old Annie Oakley had a S&W. Gotta love that. Wanna know the weird thing? I actually have the strange inclination to buy a gun now. It's okay. I'll stick to my guitar and keyboard.

Remember these things? My favorite was (not pictured here) the lemon. Lemon makes me happy. The worst scratch and sniff sticker I ever came across was one that smelled like diesel.

I love the band America. Been listening to them all week via sweet ole' turntable.

You know I love The Beatles. I'd never seen this clip before and it made me laugh so hard. You gotta see John's spactastalistic behavior lounging poolside in his bikini. Oh yeah baby!

Sooooooooooooooo. That's it. I am done.


  1. OMG- I just created a word! I googled 'spactastalistic' and the only listing was me, with this here blog entry!

    Spectacular+spastic= Spactastalistic.

    This rocks!

  2. Scratch and sniff! You just brought back so many memories with that!

  3. I love scratch and sniff. May have even owned the very sheet I posted.

  4. I loved scratch and sniff students always loved them too.

  5. Scratch & Sniff!!!!! SUCH A FAN!!! Oh how I miss those, what great memories those offered!


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