Snips and snails and invisible toys?

Thanks for the late-night query voting. I was too close to the project and needed some outside opinion and you guys came through. I'll probably erase the thread later so that my query isn't hanging around for the whole world to see. You guys nailed it on the head about number 1 being too long. People have liked the character portraits, but it was just too long and didn't read smooth.

My little three-year old Liam has out Diva-ed himself (and he is a diva, that Liam). This week-end, he had a huge meltdown over some non-existant object that he says fell in the car, and now this morning woke up asking to play with a toy he doesn't even own. You know how all the parenting experts tell you not to use the word 'no'? Well, I used it anyway and Liam started to cry, which woke up his sister. Oh, did I mention all of this happened at six o'clock in the morning? Yeah. But I am handling it well, I think. I slipped on a cartoon, grabbed some coffee, and am now hiding out in this blog. Don't . . . tell anyone I'm here. Please.

So, my plans for querying this morning have been cut short. Best not to send out anything on crazy mommy brain.


  1. Hope I don't sound like a mean mommy. I'm actually a really nice, loving mommy who tries to never yell or say "no". AH! It's so tough being a parent sometimes!!

  2. Okay, I yelled there, but usually I don't yell.

  3. It is impossible not to say no. I mean really! :) There are times it needs to be used and I will say 6 in the morning is a sound time to use it. I say no to everyone all the time! I’ll peek at your query, though I don’t know what sort of help I’ll be.

  4. I thought nothing about you being a bad mommy! Some mommy's need a moment girl so take all you need! I don't have children but I can certainly understand that breaks are needed especially with crazy Monday mornings!

    Good Luck on future querying even though this time did get cut short!

  5. Thank you Southpaw and Jen.

    Things calmed down and I sent out some queries at lunchtime. Got one instant rejection : )~. A mere sting in my future of painful querying.


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