When the Cool Summer Breeze Sends a Chill Down My Spine . . .

This is total awesomeness. I finished my synopsis last night!!! Oh sweet Jesus I did it. Now it's time for a full manuscript edit and I also have to refine my query. Let's just say I will be doing a few all-nighters this week.

Edits, as painful as they are, really do not bother me half as much as writing a synopsis or query. I can put on some records and just turn my brain into technical mode. I like reading my book—it's fun. The worst thing that happens is when I get too critical and start to turn fatalistic. I am allowed no more book rewrites unless sanctioned by an agent!

When I heard this song in the car last summer, I about flipped for joy! William has been stuck as a ghostlike eighteen-year old since 1956 and Emma is the first human to be able to see or hear him (though neither of them realize this at first which creates a certain amount of fun). He fades at night, and in one scene Emma goes to look for him in the town square. She is caught in a breeze that whispers her name, "Emma . . . Emma . . ." A soft touch can be felt on her lips, but it disappears too quick. THE WIND.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Reminds me of The Ink Spots.

    This may sound silly, but do you know 'It's a beautiful day'? Their double album It's a beautiful day & Marrying maiden is one of the great hippy anthem-fests. White bird, The dolphin, Let my woman flow. Brilliant Stuff.

  2. I've heard of White Bird, but will check out the other ones today. Thanks!

  3. Yay you!!! I'm glad you finished your synopsis, I'm with you edits are much better than synopsis and queries!!

  4. Happy Sunday! Yay to you for finishing your synopsis - I know how difficult that can be. I DREAD the synopsis.

  5. Haha, Talli! It is dreadful isn't it? It took me a couple hours last night to get the itchy, "I hate this" feeling out of me, and then the words started to flow. Shew. But it reads really well, I'm extremely proud! Thanks for the kind words : )

  6. Your book sounds really good! I'm with you on the synopsis. If only queries and synopses weren't so darn important, maybe they wouldn't be so painful.


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