Bless You

I just want to thank all of my friends who are emotionally supporting me through this tough time of querying. I hear submission is hell, and querying is nothing so geez, I should be strong and quit whining.

I believe in being honest, though honesty sometimes has its negative effects. Bring it on. I need whatever kick ass criticism I can get so don't hold back. If you hate me, if you love me, bring it on and I will use it wisely.

Bless you and your journey toward publication as well. I love you guys and thank you so much for being here during all times, both good and bad.


  1. You can do it! Great things ahead! Oh, how easy life would be if we could see the end from the beginning. But, we need faith.

  2. Thank you Tess. Once again, I appreciate your warmth and wisdom.

  3. Amy, I get down on myself a lot about writing. Simply because everything I read from other writers just seems so much better then my writing. But then I pull out a Twilight book and remind myself how I am WAY better then S.M. and it brings a smile to my face. Sorry if you are an S.M. fan, I am just biased because I have my own vampire series I have been working on, and they do NOT sparkle in the sun. They are much more violent.

    Patience is a virtue but one of the hardest, least I have always thought. It will all pay off in the end!!! xoxox

  4. Oh Bonnie, that cracks me up. I actually really like the Twilight books, but I do know what you mean about her writing.

    How cool that you're writing a vampire series!!

  5. It is hard. But it will get you closer to what your goal is - even if it's a rejection - because it will help you hone and change your MS if that's what it needs! Look at it as an opportuntity to better! At least that's what I keep telling myself...


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