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I was at another bookstore last night, to have a look at their much larger YA section. There was a teen girl trying to decide which couple of books she might be able to buy—she was really thinking hard. And it hit me, all of a sudden, how important it is that a writer give these teens their money's worth— that the quality be good; story and characters relatable. I remember being a teen and spending babysitting money on some books (probably because it was cheaper than paying my library fine) and then going home only to find out that the writer had a dry tone, or that the first few chapters were the best part, and the rest had gone off track never to return. But then there were the times when I found a book that really reached in and touched me; changed me forever. I hope this is the kind of book that I have written. It's been my intent the whole time.

But darnitt, this agent stuff is so hard! I wish I had a magic wand. Or better yet, the knowledge of who would be my best fit. I need someone who loves the 70's, small town America, ghosts, cars, satire, romance, a little of time travel, and let's see . . . caves, haha. Oh, where are you dream agent????


  1. Your agent will appear, just like a ghost, when you least expect it.

    It's nice to hear that teens debate just as hard as adults. I really enjoyed hearing about that "AHA" moment.

    Sending prayers, best wishs, good vibes that you're agent appears soon.

  2. BAHAHA! I think your book sounds fantastic... that was the best sells pitch yet Amy! I'm not an agent or I would help! Then again I'd be out of business since I would be a sucker and buy every book I came across (that I like you mind you!)

  3. Stay strong Amy! Be persistant! And yes, a magic wand would be good!

  4. Diane- I love the first line you wrote so much! Thank you.

    Jen- It's a good thing you're a writer- and a wonderful one at that!

    Talli- Thank you Talli. I'm trying to stay strong, and also trying to fight off the negative thoughts that are on repeat in my head. I really shouldn't listen to myself, lol.

  5. You will find your dream agent, Amy. And soon. Just keep looking!! :)


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