Clean up time

I was at my mom's house yesterday to help her with some computer transactions, and she gave me a past issue of Writer's Digest. It has some really great tips for creativity, I'm digging it. Mom self-publishes, and is very happy to do so. She has received a couple of honorable mentions, one recently with 2nd honorable mention, and one from Writer's Digest itself a couple of years ago. Go Mom!

Anyway, just up the block from her house someone had a 1970 Camaro sitting in their driveway. You don't know how hard it was to keep myself from pulling over and going up to knock on that person's door. Sweet Jesus I wanted to get in that car. Oh well. Breathe.

I've worked really hard this weekend on editing the first three chapters, because they're the ones most looked at by agents whether through a query submission, or a partial request. They look good. I changed the very first paragraph because it always bugged me a little—it was good before, but needed work in my opinion. So, clean chapters, clean opening, nice synopsis and query letter. I'm going to really hit the market this week. For the first time ever I don't have that nagging feeling of, "Maybe this part needs work, or maybe my query is confusing . . ." This girl worked hard and hard work makes me feel confident.

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful daddies out there!


  1. Hooray for that feeling. No matter what happens, you will know you are putting your best out there and that is worth so much. Keeping fingers crossed over here!

  2. Thank you Talli. I know that even the best query doesn't guarantee a pass through the gatekeeper, but it does make the odds better, haha. Take care!

  3. W B Yates famously enlisted the help of Lady Gregory to re-write his 'Mythologies'. He wrote 'she put it all into that simple English that she had learned from her Galway countrymen'. I wonder if there's a tip in there?

    Have a good week, Cro.

  4. Have a good one as well Cro, with many beautiful days coming your way.


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