Free Books Rock

I have to write this blog fast, because Liam has woken up early and is being an annoying monkey.

Okay, just wanted to remind everyone that there is a wonderful place called your local library. If you haven't yet check it out, I would suggest doing so. Ours are open on Sundays (I should know as I worked Sundays forever) and have all sorts of books on writing, publishing, marketing, etc. You can also get all those hot summer reads, though you might have to put your name on the request list. If you can handle it, sometimes your favorite books are available in Large Print (little library knowledge there hehe).

When I took the kids the other day, I found the new Writer's Market and also a great newspaper/magazine called BookPage. It features all the new releases with author interviews, etc. Epic find. You can go to their website: WWW.BOOKPAGE.COM. Yes, I still suggest going to the library and picking up an actual copy, but I know how it is, yo. Actually, if you go through the website, you'll want to go to your library, just to check out all the great books.

Liam is now dragging a bag of potatoes through the house. I gave him a banana but it's time to go make breakfast now. Peace.


  1. The library is a wonderful place. But it's too hot to go out! (This is Northern Virginia, hottest June on record, 97 today!!)
    Thanks for commenting on my two-dog pizza day post. So I came over here to see what you're up to. I'm going to go into the bookpage link. Thanks for posting it. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Thank you Ann. I agree, it's too hot around here! I'm very glad you stopped by- you're so sweet!

  3. Ooooh, we love the library! It has stuff for everyone, music for hubs, videos for son, books for me and the young ones. Love, the library!

  4. I do too. It was the only job I ever had where I felt like I was at home.


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